Senior Training Certificate

Who’s it for?

Coaches of players 17+ years.

Time & Cost

$68, 8 hours.

Please note – the Senior Training course was originally delivered as a 14 hour face to face course. Northern NSW Football will now be delivering the course in 8 face to face hours. Upon completing the Senior Training Certificate coaches are expected to make up the additional course hours through self-learning and/or attending workshops provided by Northern NSW Football.

What is it?

Identifying & solving football problems (analysing football)
Defending, Attacking, Playing out, Midfield play, 1-4-3-3
Developing good coaching behaviours to assist in Planning a session, Conducting a session, Delivering team talks, Understanding football moments.
How to plan and conduct a training session to improve your teams performance.
Note: If you already have a Game Training Certificate it is recommended that you attend a Senior C Licence rather than a Senior Certificate.

Available courses

Senior Training Courses – Newcastle, Macquarie & Hunter Valley

Senior Training Courses – Football Mid North Coast

Senior Training Courses – North Coast Football

Senior Training Courses – Football Far North Coast

Senior Training Courses – Northern Inland Football



What do I need to bring?

The course facilitator will bring course manuals and session plans for participants to view while on the course.

Please bring a notepad and pen if you wish to take further notes during the course.

Depending on the venue, you may need to bring lunch for the allocated lunch- break if shops are not nearby.

Be sun smart. Bring a hat, sunscreen, and water.

Bring comfortable clothes for as we are outside on a field for most of this course.

You may be able to bring a team of players for the practical components, check with the course facilitator closer to the date.

When will I receive my Certificate?

Your certificate will be available online 2-3 days after the completion of the course.

Does the course need minimum numbers?

We want to make sure that all coaches have the opportunity to attend a certificate course and there are flexible delivery options available for coaches and clubs in regional areas. We will endeavour to deliver courses with a minimum of seven registered coaches.

This requires bringing players fr model sessions. Please speak with your coach developer about these flexible delivery options.

Why is there a time difference between Regional and Metropolitan courses?


The biggest reason for differences in course times comes down to the number of participants on a course. Previously courses have needed a minimum of 16 participants in order to be delivered, however several courses in regional areas have been cancelled as a result leaving coaches without any alternative for attending a course. We will now deliver these courses for 8 coaches or less, and on a club by club basis with fewer participants.

Can a course be held at my club?

Yes, if your club has a club coaching coordinator, they can contact us to organise a club based course. Coaches will need to be registered on MyFootballClub in order to be eligible to attend.

Your club will need to have adequate facilities including a room nearby to facilitate this course. Contact mfox@northernnswfootball for further enquiries.

Is there an assessment?

There is no formal assessment for certificate courses, but coaches will receive feedback from a coach developer based on their involvement. Coaches are expected to actively participate during the course, and be competent in the required coaching behaviours in order to complete a certificate course.

Is there any prerequisite needed to attend this course? 

There are no prerequisites needed to attend a community certificate course. However it is beneficial to have completed the previous certificate course so the knowledge gap is less when attending a course.

It is also beneficial to view the online resources surrounding the course before you attend.

How long is my accreditation valid?

Community Coaching Certificates are valid for a period of four years. If you wish to extend your qualification please contact our office on (02) 49417225.