Skill Training Certificate

Skill Training Certificate

Who’s it for?

Coaches of players aged 9-15 years & coaches who are looking to develop their players core skills and technique.

Time & Cost

$68, 6-8 hours.

Please note – the Skill Training course was originally delivered as a 14 hour face to face course. Northern NSW Football will now be delivering the course in 6-8 face to face hours. Upon completing the Skill Training Certificate coaches are expected to make up the additional course hours through self-learning and/or attending workshops provided by Northern NSW Football.

What is it?

Developing good coaching behaviours to assist in the development of core skills (1v1, first touch, running with the ball, striking the ball)
How to plan, organise, and deliver an effective training session.
Using games to challenge and motivate players to learn & develop.

Available courses

Skill Training Courses – Newcastle, Macquarie & Hunter Valley

Skill Training Courses – Football Mid North Coast

Skill Training Courses – North Coast Football

Skill Training Courses – Football Far North Coast

Skill Training Courses – Northern Inland Football



What do I need to bring?

The course facilitator will bring course manuals and session plans for participants to view while on the course.

Please bring a notepad and pen if you wish to take further notes during the course.

Depending on the venue, you may need to bring lunch for the allocated lunch- break if shops are not nearby.

Be sun smart. Bring a hat, sunscreen, and water.

Bring comfortable clothes for participation in practical activities.

When will I receive my Certificate?

Your certificate will be available online 2-3 days after the completion of the course.

Does the course need minimum numbers?

We want to make sure that all coaches have the opportunity to attend a certificate course and there are flexible delivery options available for coaches and clubs in regional areas, and will endeavour to deliver courses with five coaches registered.

If players are available for model sessions than a course can be facilitated with fewer coaches. Please speak with your coach developer about these flexible delivery options.

Why is there a time difference between Regional and Metropolitan courses?

The biggest reason for differences in course times comes down to the number of participants on a course. Previously courses have needed a minimum of 16 participants in order to be delivered, however several courses in regional areas have been cancelled as a result leaving coaches without any alternative for attending a course. We will now deliver these courses for 8 coaches or less, and on a club by club basis with fewer participants.

Can a course be held at my club?

If you club has a club coaching coordinator, they can contact us to organise a club based course. Coaches will need to be registered on MyFootballClub in order to be eligible to attend.

Is there an assessment?

There is no formal assessment for certificate courses, but coaches will receive feedback from a coach developer based on their involvement. Coaches are expected to actively participate during the course, and be competent in the required coaching behaviours in order to complete a certificate course.

Is there any prerequisite needed to attend this course? 

There are no prerequisites needed to attend a community certificate course. However it is beneficial to have completed the previous certificate course so the knowledge gap is less.

How long is my accreditation valid?

Community Coaching Certificates are valid for a period of four years. If you wish to extend your qualification please contact our office on (02) 49417225.