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Girls Only Gala Day

U6-7, U8-9, U10-11: Sunday, April 9

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Mixed Gala Days

U8-9: Saturday, April 1

U6-7: Sunday, April 2

Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm
Team Registration: $80 per team = three games + referees.

For enquiries, please contact Tom Oldaker 

Gala Day Quick Information

– Held at the Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility, Speers Point.
– Games take place on Football FIVE5 pitches.
– 20 minute games.
– U6-7: 5 v 5 no goalkeepers.
– U8-9: 5 v 5 including a goalkeeper.
– U10-11: 5 v 5 including a goalkeeper.
– U12-16 is (5v5) including a goalkeeper.
– Seniors 18+ is (5v5) including a goalkeeper.
– The ball rebounds off the walls to stay in play (no throw ins or kick ins).
– Open to community teams and registered players.
– Players wear full team playing strip, shin pads, and boots.
– Match referees are provided for U8-9, 10-11.
– Game leaders used for U6-7.
– Games are fast paced and lots of fun!
– Grandstand seating is also available overlooking the Football FIVE5 fields.
– Sidelines Café is open inside the main building.


Additional Information:

The coach or club official will need to register the team on-line. The coach will be given a draw, copy of the rules, a timetable of the day and a map of the facility via email prior to the day.

A team coach will need to register their team’s attendance at the Football Five’s marquee tent once their team arrives at the facility, and can then make their way to the field.

Age categories are divided into under 6,7,8,9, 10 and 11’s with each team playing a minimum of three games.

All matches will start and finish via the same signal with a siren sounding, additional information given to players, coaches and spectators given over facility P.A.

Matches are 20 minutes in length and will consist of two halves of 10 minutes, with a 5 minute half time break.

Match referees will be provided by NNSWF for U8, 9, 10 and 11 games, game leaders are used for U6 & 7.

Players are to wear full playing kit including football boots and shin pads (Compulsory)

Playing numbers for under 6-7 is (5v5) with no goalkeeper.

Playing numbers for under 8-9 is (5v5) including a goalkeeper.

Playing numbers for under 10-11 is (5v5) including a goalkeeper.

Playing numbers for under 12-16 is (5v5) including a goalkeeper.

Playing numbers for Seniors 18+ is (5v5) including a goalkeeper.

Football Five5 rules apply (the ball stays in and rebounds off the side walls)

Goalkeepers must stay within the goal mouth (semi-circle area) and can roll or throw the ball out of their hands, or kick the ball from the ground (not out of their hands)

Outfield players are allowed in the goal mouth (semi-circle area).

Clubs can bring players that are registered with their club, in that particular age group.

Sidelines Café will be open through the day for players and parents to access.

Marque tents, shade structures and chairs can be brought into the venue, Grandstand seating is also available surrounding the fields.