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Fair Trading Regulation 2007
Under the Fair Trading Act 1987
Division 20 Moveable soccer goals

79 Definition

In this Division:

moveable soccer goal means a freestanding structure consisting of at least two upright posts, a crossbar and support bars that is designed:

(a) to be used by adults or children for the purposes of a soccer goal, and

(b) to be used without any other form of support or restraint (other than pegs, stakes or other forms of temporary anchoring device), and

(c) to be able to be moved to different locations.

Note. A soccer goal that is supported by a sleeve set in the ground is not a

moveable soccer goal.

80 Safety standard

(1) The product safety standard prescribed for moveable soccer goals is that they must comply with the requirements of subclause (2).

(2) A moveable soccer goal, when set up in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions on a flat level surface without pegs, stakes or other forms of temporary anchoring device:

(a) must not fall over, or fail to return to an upright position, when subjected to a horizontal pull force of 2,000 newtons to the centre of the crossbar for no less than 60 and no more than 70 seconds, and

(b) must have all exposed corners and edges rounded with a radius of

no less than 3 millimetres, and

(c) must have permanently marked clearly and legibly in a conspicuous position on the crossbar or an upright post:

(i) the name or trademark of the manufacturer, retailer or

importer of the moveable soccer goal, and


Unanchored goals can tip over causing serious injury or death.” with upper case letters at least 25 millimetres high and lower case letters at least 12.5 millimetres high, and

(d) if part of the structure of the moveable soccer goal joins the base of an upright post and runs along the ground (a ground frame), the moveable soccer goal must not have any gap greater than 5 millimetres at the point where the ground frame joins the upright post, and no part of the ground frame must extend past the front or sides of the upright post.

81 Exceptions

This Division (other than clause 82 (d)) does not apply to a moveable

soccer goal:

(a) that weighs less than 28±0.25 kilograms, when weighed with all attachments (other than pegs, stakes or other forms of temporary anchoring device) using a commercially available scale, or

(b) that is designed for indoor use only.

82 Testing of moveable soccer goals

A person who, in trade or commerce, supplies a moveable soccer goal:

(a) must hold a test report issued no more than 12 months before the

supply, indicating:

(i) that the particular moveable soccer goal has been tested, and

(ii) the method used to carry out the test and the results of the test, and

(iii) that the results of the test show that the moveable soccer goal complies with the product safety standard prescribed for moveable soccer goals, and

(b) must supply a copy of the test report with the moveable soccer goal, and

(c) must, on request, make available for inspection by an investigator any such test report held by the person, and

Note. Section 18 of the Act provides for the appointment of


(d) must, if supplying a moveable soccer goal to which this Division does not apply, supply with the moveable soccer goal a certificate setting out the reasons why this Division does not apply to the moveable soccer goal.

Maximum penalty: 10 penalty units.