Programs and Services

Appoint Volunteer advisory group

Comission volunteer champion vignettes

Conduct Pre-Season Volunteer Workshops

Develop and enhance administration systems

Establish Annual volunteer training calendar

Execute volunteer recruitment campaign

Implement National Club Development Program

Investigate centralised administration of WWCC and MP

Investigate partnerships with volunteer organisations

Review of the responsibilities of club administrators

Appoint Facilities Funding Submission Consultant

Collaborate with FFA and MF’s towards Federal Government Budget Submission

Develop LGA Calendar and Contact database

Establish a Female Amenities requirements guide

Expand Annual Facilities Forum

Facilitate State Government Budget Submission in conjunction with FNSW

Facilitate Zone contributions to the NSW Football Facilities Fund

Identification of new club sites (Housing Developments)

Identify 711 Facilities Projects

Rollout Regional Facilities Strategies

Update Facilities Audit

Community Coach Developer Network

Align with FFA’s Gender Equality Plan

Appoint Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Advisory Group

Appoint Inclusion and Diversity Ambassadors

Appoint Inclusion and Diversity Officer

Audit existing Inclusion and Diversity Strategies

AWD Advisory Group

AWD, CALD and Indigenous Coach and referee scholarships

Establish CALD calendar of events

Establish Inclusion and Diversity Strategy document

Host Pararoos camps and matches

Indigenous Advisory Group

Investigate funding opportunities

Pathway to Pararoos

Pilot refugee engagement strategy

State and National tournaments

Sydney Marti Gras

Translate identified participation documents and information

Consider Registered Player Discount for Match Officials

Execute Match Official recruitment campaign

Expand Club Referee Program

Follow up 2013 Match Official Review recommendations

Implement Female Match Official Registration Scholarships

Implement identified Referee Exchange Program

Pilot calendar of social events for Match Officials

Pilot Match Official Abuse Zero Tolerance Policy

Pilot modified delivery of the Level 4 course

Resource NNSWF Match Officials Coaching Panel

Restructure payment of up front Match Official registration fee

Review of Match Official workforce

Review Structure of Match Official administration within the Hunter Region

Commission Annual Lapsed Player Research

Commission School Football Audit

Execute TAFE Summer Football recruitment campaign targeting local lapsed players

Implement review of cost of football recommendations

Implement Walking Football pilot programs

Investigate viability of Governing and Co-ordinating Futsal throughout NNSW

Lobby for early registration of existing players

Pilot Modified Formats for Over 35’s

Promote compulsory registration of Club Coach Coordinators

Appoint Women and Girls Advisory Group

Conduct Gender Bias Training

Conduct Primary Schools MiniRoos Gala Days

Establish Annual Calendar of Events & Tournaments for Women and Girls

Establish Club Female Development Coordinator program

Establish NNSWF Female Coach Appointment Policy

Execute Female Non-Playing Recruitment and Advocacy Campaign

Implement Female Advanced Coach Education Scholarships

Improve Member Zone Board Gender Equity

Email   Position Description


Peter Haynes
Head of Football Development

Jessie White
Marketing and Communications Manager


Ross Hicks
Senior Officer – Community Football

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

 Jordan Purcell
Digital Content Coordinator

Jarrad Denham
Coach Education Coordinator

Holly Ayton
Female Participation Officer

Michelle Forbes
Kick-On for Women Project Officer

Inclusion & Diversity Officer

Phillip Andrews
Club Development Officer

Alex Lowe
MiniRoos Development Officer

Annelise Rosnell
MiniRoos Development Officer

Brad Carlin
Match Official Administration and Development

Jake Southward
Match Official Education Officer

Jack Fisher
Match Official Appointments Officer

Riley Kirkaldy
Match Official Administration Officer

NNSWF Organisational Chart