As part of Northern NSW Football’s competition regulations, players that are potentially disadvantaged from a physical perspective due to later biological maturity, may be eligible to play in a lower age-group.

Although players may be similar in terms of chronological age, their biological age can vary substantially, due to the timing of their adolescent growth spurt.

Late developers can be significantly disadvantaged from a physical stand-point (height, weight, speed, strength).

To identify those players who may be late-developing players, Northern NSW Football  has worked with Football NSW and Dr Ric Lovell (PhD) to develop a two-step process.

Firstly, clubs and/or parents can self-assess a player’s maturity classification using the resources available below, from here, if the player is deemed as a potential late-developer, they can be registered for the second step of the process, which is a verification assessment conducted by Northern NSW Football.

This page contains video tutorials to assist in the correct measurements necessary to estimate the player’s biological maturation category.  Accurate measurements of the player’s height, weight and their sitting height are required, in addition to the player’s date of birth, gender, and the date upon which the aforementioned measurements were collected. 

The three short video tutorials below provide information on how to conduct these measurements, which should be collected in metric units (cm and kg).  The data recorded can then be inserted into the on-line calculator below.  Please carefully follow the procedures in the videos, and double-check that the data is inserted into the calculator appropriately, as subtle errors can have a significant effect on the results

Who is Eligible?

The following information seeks to clarify the eligibility of players for the 2021 Season in relation to Biological Maturation Approved Players:

Players assessed as Late Developers:

  • Any player that is assessed as a “late developer” will be given approval to play down an age grade at their club provided that the club has a position(s) available in the team that the player is seeking to register with.

Players Assessed as “on time developers” or “early developers”

  • Any player that is assessed as a “on-time developer” or “early developer” will NOT be permitted to play down an age grade at their club.

Please Note: All players will be required to attend one of the advertised NNSWF assessment dates.

Team Eligibility for 2021

Further to the above, the following is the process for clubs to manage the number of Biological Maturation players per team throughout the registration window for the 2021 Football season:

The age groups below for which the Biological Maturation principle will apply for the 2021 season:

    • Junior Development Leagues (JDL) (12s)
    • NPL NNSW (13s, 14s, 15s)
    • Northern League One (13s, 14s, 15s)
    • Women’s Premier Leagues (13s, 15s)

Current Squad Numbers:

  • No club/team will be able to register a Player to play in an age grade below the player’s birth year if that player has been assessed as a “on time developer” or “early developer”;
  • Each club will be permitted to register a maximum of one (1) approved “late developer” per team/age grade;

How to Determine if Your Player is Eligible

Below you will be able to find Assessment Instructions to determine if a player is eligible for one of the testing days conducted by Northern NSW Football.

Thank you to Football NSW and Ric Lovell (PhD) Associate Professor (Sport and Exercise) Western Sydney University for allowing us to utilise these demonstrative videos.


How to Measure: Standing Height 


How to Measure: Seated Height

How to Measure: Body Mass


Are you Eligible?

The below calculator will provide two results, the estimated age at peak height velocity (APHV) and the maturation category (early, on-time or late developer).

The age at APHV is an estimate of when the player did, or is predicted to go through the most intensive phase of the adolescent growth spurt.

Some players will have already been through the growth spurt, others are yet to do so.

To categorise their maturation status, the APHV is cross-referenced with normative data for boys and girls.  The age criteria used to categorise biological maturation is as follows:

APHV <13.5 = early
APHV 13.5-14.5 = on-time
APHV >14.5 = late

APHV <11.5 = early
APHV 11.5-12.5 = on-time
APHV >12.5 = late

Should the player be classified as a late developer, the player can register for a verification assessment with Northern NSW Football.

If confirmed as a late-developer during this assessment, the player has the option to register in a lower-age group, however we recommend that the technical directors, coaches, players and parents consider carefully the implications of competing at a lower age-category.

In border-line cases where the player is close to the late-maturer cut-off (APHV >14.3 for boys, and > 12.3 for girls), players can also register for verification assessment with Northern NSW Football.


Biological Maturation Testing for 2021

All Players must register via the following form in order to be assessed.

Please Note: To assist with the integrity of the assessment process, a $50 administration fee will be required to be paid prior to a player assessment being conducted. Post the assessment, if a player is classified as a “later developer”, the admin fee will be refunded.

Biological Maturation Testing Applications are now open for the 2021:

  • 5:30pm – 7:30pm Wednesday 2 December 2020
  • 5:30pm – 7:30pm Monday 7 December 2020
  • 10:00am – 12:00pm Saturday 23 January 2021
BOOK HERE Before booking a time, ensure you have undertaken the initial at home assessment as above.  

For all enquires please contact: