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FFA/AFC ‘C’ Part 1

This course is the first component of completing a ‘C’ Youth or ‘C’ Senior License and contains generic content equally applicable to coaching Junior and Senior football.

This component will give candidates a knowledge base that will assist them when undertaking the specialised Youth or Senior Courses component.

This ‘Generic C Licence’ component must be completed prior to attending either the youth and or senior component.

– Three day course. Cost is $495

FFA/AFC ‘C’ Youth License

This course is open to coaches 18 years of age and older; the course gives candidates an understanding of the National Curriculum and the FFA Vision and Philosophy.

Course participants will be exposed to the key aspects relevant to coaching players in both the Skill Acquisition (9 – 13 years old) and the Game Training (13 – 17 years old) Building Blocks.

Coaches must attend FFA/AFC ‘C’ Part 1 before this course.

– Four day course. Cost is $660

– Total commitment for FFA/AFC C Youth Licence = 7 days (Part 1 + part 2 Youth) 

– Total cost of FFA/AFC C Youth Licence = $1,155 (Part 1 $495 + part 2 Youth $660) 

FFA/AFC ‘C’ Senior License

The FFA / AFC Senior ‘C’ Licence is for coaches of Senior Amateur Teams and Talented players aged 17 and older.

This course is open to coaches 18 years of age and older focusing on the 11 v 11 aspects of the game and familiarising candidates with the National Football Curriculum, the FFA Vision and Philosophy and the Game Training Model.

Coaches must attend FFA/AFC ‘C’ Part 1 before this course.

– Four day course. Cost $660

– Total commitment for FFA/AFC C Senior Licence = 7 days (Part 1 + part 2 Senior) 

– Total cost of FFA/AFC C Senior Licence = $1,155 (Part 1 $495 + part 2 Senior $660) 

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FFA/ AFC C Licence Youth & Senior

Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility

Part 1 – September 30, October 7, October 14. 2017 ($495)

Youth Part 2 – October 21, 22, 28, 29, 2017 ($660)

Senior Part 2 – November 5, 6, 11, 12, 2017 ($660)


FFA/ AFC B Licence

Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility

Coaches must hold a valid C -Licence in order to register for the B-Licence. If you have attended a C-Licence course but have not completed the assessments you will not be able to attend this course.

The course is 12 days total.

Registration Fee $2,420.


8 Sep 2017
9 Sep 2017
10 Sep 2017
15 Sep 2017
16 Sep 2017
17 Sep 2017


2 Feb 2018
3 Feb 2018
4 Feb 2018
9 Feb 2018
10 Feb 2018
11 Feb 2018


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How do I register for a C License course?

There are 3 components of the C License. The first step is to register for Part 1 of the C License which is the generic 3 days course prior to both the youth and or senior components. The registration fee is $495.

The next step is to register separately for either the Youth C License, or Senior C License course (or both) these are four day courses and have a registration fee of $660.

Payment can be made gradually.

How much does a C License cost?

The total registration fee for a C License is $1,155.

(C Part 1) $495 + (C Youth or C Senior) $660 = $1,155. To complete the Youth and Senior C License is (C Part 1) $495 + (C Youth) $660 + (C Senior) $660 = $1,815

When does payment need to be made?

The full registration amount needs to be paid one month prior to the course starting. Payment plans can be made to pay the course off gradually in the lead up to the course by contacting our reception desk on 02 49 417 220

How long does the course take?

C License Part 1 goes for three days from 9:00am – 5:00pm. The C License Youth goes for four days, and the C License Senior also goes for four days from 9:00am – 5:00pm.

There is a significant amount of pre course work to complete prior to attending each course which can be done gradually in the weeks leading up.

Post course coaches will need to complete a session plan, and film a training session to be sent in for assessment.

Is there an assessment?

Coaches need to complete a workbook that is provided prior to and also during the course.

Coaches will need to complete the online laws of the game and print their certificate.

Coaches will also need to submit a session plan and film one of their training sessions for assessment.

What do I need to do prior to the course?

Once you have registered and paid for the course, you will receive an email one month prior with further details.

There is a Youth and Senior Workbook to be completed prior. With chapters relating to The Football Coaching Process book.

How long does my accreditation last?

C License accreditation is valid for a period of 4 years. However coaches can extend this accreditation period by attending workshops where they receive points.

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