Football Practises: First Touch

Football Practises: First Touch

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Beginning Practises

First Touch – Beginning: Pass the Parcel

View Practise Plan: Pass the Parcel

Teams count how many times they can pass the ball around their square, while practising their first touch and passing.

Difficulty Level:

First Touch – Beginning: Pass the Parcels

View  Practise Plan: Pass the Parcels

Now players must pass a number of footballs around their square and be the first team to finish.

Difficulty Level:

First Touch – Beginning: Passing Practise

View  Practise Plan: Passing Practise

Players practise their first touch while under pressure.

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Middle Practises

First Touch – Middle: 3v1

View  Practise Plan: 3v1

Players count how many passes they can make around outside of the square with a defender trying to intercept their pass.

Difficulty Level:

First Touch – Middle: Count the Passes

View  Practise Plan: Count the Passes

In 4v1, 4v2 (or other variations) players count their passes and reset the count once it is intercepted by the defender.

Difficulty Level:

End Practises

First Touch – End: Game

View  Practise Plan: Game

Two teams play a game with an emphasis on first touch.

Difficulty Level:

First Touch – End: Two Touch Game

View  Practise Plan: Two Touch Game

Players are limited to two touches while playing a game ensuring more passing and focus on taking a good first touch.

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