Newcastle Permanent Community Coach of the Month Award

Coach of the Month

Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) is pleased to continue the Newcastle Permanent Community Coach Recognition Program in 2019.

Football enriches character, intelligence, coordination and skill and all season long, one brave man or woman steps up to the plate and takes on the task of helping our young athletes reach their potential: the Coach.

The Newcastle Permanent Community Coach of the Month Award is awarded monthly from March to August to a coach that makes a significant contribution to their team, club and/or community.

This is not aimed at results or winning, but a coach who provides a positive experience for all involved.

Each month, one registered coach from each of NNSWF’s seven Member Zones will be awarded the Newcastle Permanent Community Coach of the Month award. Each winner will receive a Newcastle Permanent Community Coaching kit consisting of 6 balls, 20 markers, 10 bibs and a whistle, as well as a polo shirt and cap. Their contribution to football will also be recognised on the NNSWF website network and social media platforms.

From the pool of winners, each Zone will nominate one community coach to represent their Zone for the opportunity to be named “Newcastle Permanent Community Coach of the Year” announced at NNSWF annual awards night. This winner will receive an award plus a $250 First Touch Gift Voucher.

Your coaches can be nominated for any number of reasons:

  • Providing a safe & enjoyable experience for their players & parents
  • Goes out of their way to engage in all aspects of the club, not just their team
  • Provides an opportunity for a disabled player to be part of their team
  • Provides strong leadership & dedication to the team & club
  • Has a high work ethic & encourages fair play – could be overall or one particular positive occurrence
  • Always has a good relationship the match officials

We look forward to receiving lots of nomination for all your magnificent coaches who give up their time for the enjoyable of our players.