Female Football Club Ambassador Project


Northern NSW Football has launched its Female Football Club Ambassador Project. We want to give people the opportunity to help increase female participation within their clubs and football community as players, referees and coaches.


About the Project:

The Female Football Club Ambassador Project is about finding members of the northern NSW football community to become ambassadors, assisting their club to bring new and exciting programs and initiatives to develop female football.

The Project aims to provide relevant and valued support in a club environment throughout northern NSW. This project’s purpose is to implement high quality, sustainable programs such as MiniRoos Kick-Off for Girls and Kick-On for Women. These programs are designed to maximise the participation and enjoyment of female players, coaches, match officials and volunteers.


The Role of an Ambassador:

The role of a Female Football Club Ambassador will be to coordinate and implement programs and services within their local clubs, with a focus on recruitment, retention and enhancing the football experience of female participants.

Some of the responsibilities of a Female Football Ambassador include:

> Develop a positive inclusive club culture

> Promote inclusive practices within the club

> Monitor and mentor new and inexperienced female members

> Recruit and encourage females to take up playing, coaching, refereeing, and volunteering

> Present parents with relevant information about female participation opportunities and experiences at the start of the season and communicate at regular intervals

> Liaise with Club administrators and Member Zones and Member Federations

> Attend Female Football Club Ambassador meetings

> Conduct surveys to establish and monitor levels of female participation satisfaction

> Oversee the establishment of MiniRoos for Girls teams

> Oversee the establishment of MiniRoos Kick-Off for Girls Program

> Oversee the establishment of Kick-On for Women Program

> Oversee the establishment of Female Football Week club activities

> Contribute to report at the conclusion of the project


How to get involved:

We are looking for 50 ambassadors from all over northern NSW to join a network of like-minded individuals and get involved in this incredible project.

If you are interested in becoming a Female Football Club Ambassador, please approach your club before filling out the Expression of Interest form.