Female Football Week: Female Player Profile

March 16th, 2017

With highlighting the involvement of women in the sport during Female Football Week, today we focus on a player in the game, Laure-Elise Kenworthy.

Laure-Elise (Laure) plays for the University of Newcastle Women’s Football Club.

Laure is a community football participant, who loves football and the benefits it brings her both mentally and physically.

Starting at an age where many young girls tend to stop participating in an organised physical activity, playing football for Laure has had an immense impact on her life, in driving her to be the best she possibly can be on and off the field.

She loves the challenge football brings and on behalf of Northern NSW Football we applaud Laure for her commitment to the game!


Laure-Elise Kenworthy (Laure)


21 years old


Newcastle University Women’s


Defence, preferably Centre Back



Age started playing:

I started playing when I was 11. I was at Hunter Valley Grammar School and played in a mixed under 13’s team.

Why did you choose football?

It is possible that my choice to play has something to do with Bend it Like Beckham… but other than that, initially it was just a really enjoyable way to exercise in a social environment, which was important as an 11yr old. More than that, though, from the beginning, soccer has always ignited a drive in me to improve every aspect of my game. It was just a constant pleasure to challenge myself to kick the ball more accurately or defend more effectively. What I love more than anything is the precision that is achievable with every move of the game. It was just completely appealing.

Why are you still playing?

I am still playing because I am addicted to the routine and the fitness that comes with it. I’m a sucker for a good training session. Anyone that knows me will agree that I’m always asking the coach to strain us more. There’s just something addictive about the strain of the game. Aside from that, playing football means being part of a community of people who are sharing the same enjoyment of the game. I don’t want to give that it up for any fitness alternative. It’s a scheduled priority.

How has football shaped/ influenced you? Other than keeping me in good health, I think soccer has really grounded me as a person. I have developed self-discipline and a kind of determination that only sports people can properly understand. On a more personal front, it has been the source of a solid relationship with my dad, who has driven me to 98% of games and training sessions. With my dad being a Brit who played football as a boy and who still follows it every day, it has definitely been an important bonding agent for us.

Why Newcastle Uni Women’s?

The Uni team can ultimately be described as a team of loving women who are learning during the day and playing with soccer balls in the evening – we all love the outlet that soccer provides from the rest of life and the beverage that usually follows a long week.

Best football moment?

Undoubtedly, my best football moment was in 2010 when I experienced my first ever Grand Final win with the team I was playing for won. I was playing for the Westlake’s U18 A’s at a pitch in Cardiff. We had a really talented team of girls together and a brilliant coach. Our coach had spent the season fighting hard for us to become better individuals and team players. When the final whistle blew for the game, the fact that we’d just won the competition hit me like a tonne of bricks and I just started crying out of happiness. I walked off the field and over to my dad who laughed at me before giving me a big hug. It was an all-around solid experience.

What would you tell someone thinking of taking up football?

Don’t question yourself. Just start playing and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.


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