How to modify a practice

How to modify a practice

Players need to engaged.

If players are not engaged they will become bored and disruptive. Change elements of a practice to increase touches of the ball.

Players need to be motivated.

If your players are not challenged they will not be motivated. Turn it into a game, provide a challenge, make it fun!

Players need to be challenged.

If a practice is too easy players will become bored, and they don’t have an opportunity to improve their skills.

1. Start Quickly

Get your practice started within 30 to 60 seconds, by having your equipment already setup, and providing a short demonstration.

2. Observe

Observe if the players understand, the level of engagement, and if you they are achieving the objective.

3. C.H.A.N.G.E.I.T.

Based on your observation.. change it. Do the players need another demonstration?

1. Start Quickly

Equipment – set up before they arrive, pre-plan all of your equipment.

Demonstration – show them what to do, don’t over explain it.

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2. Observe

Engagement – are people standing still or actively involved? Are they bored or having fun?

Objective – are they achieving your session objective? I.e. running with the ball.

Tip: Stand halfway along the side of the practice so you can observe what is happening.

3. C.H.A.N.G.E.I.T

Based on your observation what do you need to change?

– Create more lines if players are waiting too long.

– Make the area smaller if players are too bored (Step up)

– Make the area bigger if it is too difficult (Step down)

– Set a challenge. 2 points for a goal!

– Set a time limit. Only 30 seconds left!

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