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Local Coaches Recognised Through Newcastle Permanent Community Coach of the Month Award

June 29th, 2015

Northern NSW Football Community Football Manager Peter Haynes is pleased to announce the May Newcastle Permanent Community Coach of the Month Award recipients from across each of its seven Member Zones.

“The Newcastle Permanent Community Coach of the Month Award is awarded monthly from April to September to a coach that makes a significant contribution to their team, club and/or community,” commented Haynes.

“This is not aimed at results or winning, but a coach who provides a positive experience for all involved,” Haynes concluded.

Each month, one coach from each of NNSWF’s seven Member Zones will be awarded the Newcastle Permanent Community Coach of the month award.

“Newcastle Permanent is proud to support community football across Northern NSW and it is great to be able to recognise the efforts of coaches who show such dedication to developing their teams,” Newcastle Permanent Chief Executive Officer Terry Millett said.

From the pool of winners, each zone will nominate one community coach to represent their zone for the opportunity to receive the “Newcastle Permanent Community Coach of the Year” award.

Winning coaches will receive a coaching pack courtesy of Newcastle Permanent including six footballs, 20 markers, ten bibs, a whistle, polo shirt and cap.

To nominate a community coach for Newcastle Permanent Community Coach of the Month please click here.



Clayton Myler
Uki Pythons SC
Football Far North Coast

Nomination: Clay is an amazing coach and amazing contributor to the club. He has coached his current team for many years now (I think since they were 7’s or 8’s) and the kids love him. He provides a safe and enjoyable experience for the players always communicates well with the team and the parents to ensure everyone is clear on what they need to do, where they need to be and by when! He goes out of his way to engage in all aspects of the club, having been the registrar for several years in the past, as well as secretary, and he helps to train up new coaches in field set up and provides general guidance to all at the club. He is a strong leader with a 7 year dedication to his team and even longer to the club. He always encourages fair play and has a good relationship with match officials and all at the club. In previous years, and indeed even now, the Pythons would be lost without him.

Congratulations Clayton from Newcastle Permanent and Northern NSW Football.


Craig Dickey
Pacific Palms FC
Football Mid North Coast

Nomination: Craig not only volunteers as coaching director but also coaches his Under 6 son’s team, and another Under 6 team. He has also put his hand up for an Under 9s team which he coached last year, even though his Under 9 daughter no longer wants to play anymore as the kids loved him so much. Craig works two jobs and never complains about his over stretched work load. He is a true clubman who loves the sport and the enjoyment the kids get out of it.

Congratulations Craig from Newcastle Permanent and Northern NSW Football.


Kim Williams
Maitland Football For All
Hunter Valley Football

Nomination: Maitland football for all is a soccer club providing children with additional needs and disabilities the chance to participate in team sports. Kim came into our club with her daughter this year and despite having zero understanding about soccer stepped up to coach when our original coach resigned. Kim is a special needs teacher and is so unbelievable good with our children. She engages at them at a level which supports them and provides them with the confidence needed to have a go.

Kim although having no soccer experience comes each week with age appropriate and fun drills which she has found through researching in her own time. Some of Kim’s greatest achievements this year have included getting 2 children on the field who flat out refused early in the season and educating other teams and players about our children and their needs.

Congratulations Kim from Newcastle Permanent and Northern NSW Football.


Steve Sohr
Swansea FC
Macquarie Football

Nomination: Steve has been involved with Swansea over the last 40 years. He has not only held positions on the executive but every year he would coach a minimum of 2 teams every season consistently over the past 20 years. Steve is an inspiration to all kids and coaches with the energy he puts into his everyday life. Steve has a unique way of delivering his format on the training field and there is not one child in our local area that does not know him and he knows them all on a first name basis.

Congratulations Steve from Newcastle Permanent and Northern NSW Football.


Brendan Cavanagh
Fletcher FC
Newcastle Football

Nomination: Brendan has coached our boys for 3 years and the boys just love him. He goes out of his way to include all the boys and make them feel very special. He shows compassion and fairness and teaches our boys that it isn’t just about winning but having fun! He teaches them to do their best and to be proud no matter what the outcome. Cannot say thank you enough!!

Congratulations Brendan from Newcastle Permanent and Northern NSW Football.


Keiran Clerke
Northern Storm FC
North Coast Football

Keiran is one of our Men’s Premier League players, and this year has taken on 3 teams from varying age groups. He brings a level of professionalism and enjoyment to each age group, while dealing with players from diverse backgrounds including several African and Afghan refugees. His teams also include many female players and Keiran has encouraged this. His coaching style is inclusive and has attracted assistance from others, while keeping very good spirits in teams that are not necessarily the best in their league, but are definitely improving their skills and enjoying their football.

Congratulations Keiran from Newcastle Permanent and Northern NSW Football.


Dwayne Schalk
Tamworth FC
Northern Inland Football

Nomination: Dwayne Schalk has coached Tamworth FC teams for at least 5 years. He provides all with a positive experience that concentrates on improving all players’ ability no matter what level they are at in their development.

Dwayne possess the following:

1. He provides a safe and enjoyable experience for all players and parents

2. He goes out of his way to engage in all aspects of the club, not just his teams. Dwayne has been gear steward of Tamworth FC for 5 years, as well as being Tamworth FC’s representative on the Tamworth District Football committee.

3. He provides strong leadership and dedication to the both the teams he coaches and Tamworth FC

4. He has a high work ethic and promotes fair play

5. He always has a good relationship the match officials, with no complaints from any stakeholders in the conduct of Dwayne.

Dwayne continues to further his education, attending coaching courses whenever he has the opportunity. Dwayne trains with senior teams as much as possible to gather different coaching techniques for all levels of football.

Congratulations Dwayne from Newcastle Permanent and Northern NSW Football.

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