Match Official Review

Match Official Review

The purpose of the match official review was to examine and make recommendations to the NNSWF Board of Directors in relation to the appropriateness and effectiveness of the existing structure, administration and development of officiating throughout Northern NSW.

The steering committee which was determined by NNSWF’s Board of Directors was specifically selected to bring a broad cross section of refereeing expertise and interest to the review of officiating throughout Northern NSW and was comprised of the following representatives:

• Luke Davies (NNSWF Elite Referee Coach)
• Neil Jones (Representing NNSWF State League Referees)
• Brad Carlin (Representing Hunter Region Referees)
• Steve Griffith (Representing Northern NSW “Country” Referees)
• Russell Henry (Representing Hunter Region Zones)
• Steve Mackney (Representing Northern NSW “Country” Zones)
• Peter Haynes (Secretary)
• Alan Nisbet (Chair)

Terms of Reference

A. Provide registered referees with an opportunity to express their level of satisfaction with the current structure of refereeing and the level of support provided;

B. Clarify and evaluate the role of the NNSWF Referees Standing Committee, State Coaching Panel and Technical Committee;

C. Clarify and evaluate the role and performance of affiliated referees branches;

D. Examine the effectiveness of the working relationship which exists between Member Zones and Referees Branches;

E. To evaluate and recommend the processes, procedures and expectations in relation to referee training and coaching;

F. Provide identified stakeholders with an opportunity to evaluate and make recommendations relating to NNSWF’s support of refereeing;

G. To clarify the pathway for elite referees; and

H. Make recommendations relating to the need for the appointment of dedicated resources to implement adopted strategies and policies


Match Official Review Stakeholder Meetings

As part of this review a series of face to face meetings were scheduled to provide opportunities for interested individuals to have input into the review and to provide feedback on their experiences within refereeing in NNSW.

These open meetings were designed to provide the football family an opportunity to give feedback on their experience in refereeing and in particular the efficiency of the refereeing structure.

These meetings were open to all stakeholders including but not limited to Referees, assessors, instructors, zone staff, club volunteers, coaches, players and any other relevant members of the football family that would like to contribute.