Northern NSW Squads Gain Valuable Competition Experience at the FFA NYC

September 25th, 2017

Official Fixture Draw

Official Points Tables Day 5 

After a long tough week against some physical opponents from across Australia, the Northern NSW (NNSW) squads have finished their campaign at the Football Federation Australia (FFA) National Youth Championships for Boys.

Despite the scorelines throughout the week, the boys have all gained some valuable experience which will put them in good stead for the future.

This year represents the twelfth and final year of this contract period that Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) in association with Coffs Harbour City Council has had the opportunity to host both the Boys and Girls Nationals here at C.ex International Stadium.

FFA has announced the National Youth Championships for Boys and Girls will continue for another 2 Years, however, the Venue will be announced in the next couple of months. NNSWF has tendered for the next two periods.


13 Years Country: 8:00am NNSW Country 1 (M. Hartmann 51′) def. by NSW Metro White 3 (L. Smyth 13′, A. Mostofi 32′, A. Segecic 58′)

The 13 Years Country squad were faced with tough components this morning against a physical NSW Metro White team.

With starting the game strong and having an even match in the midfield, NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne said that the boys started the game brightly but “were unable to make their early pressure count.”

“The game was fairly even with both sides cancelling each other out when trying to get in front,” Browne said.

“Eventually, NSW Metro gradually got on top of the game and probably did enough to deserve their victory which saw them come on top of the table.”


2:40pm NNSW Country 2 (C. Kelly 16′, I. Matthews 49′) def. by Queensland Country 3 (E. Jones 1′, N. Lawson 30′, J. Bob 48′)

With having such a great week the 13 Years Country squad were disappointed to lose their final game of the tournament in a close encounter against Queensland Country.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne said it was a close game, however, all the boys should be “very pleased with their efforts.”

“Despite having a lot of late pressure, the team was unable to find an equaliser that would have seen them finish the group in second place,” Browne said.

“Overall they should be very pleased with their efforts, they produced some very good performances throughout the week.”


14 Years Country: 8:00am NNSW Country 5 (M. Garang 1′, 44′ & 52′, H. O’Garey 43′, L. Townsend 62′) drew South Australia Blue 5 (J. Jones-Moody 7′ & 15′, C. D’Argenio 9′, J. Briggs 37′ & 66′)

With going down 3-1 at halftime, the NNSW Country 14s squad fought back hard against South Australia.

Leading 5-4 and almost securing their first win of the week, the boys took their foot off the pedal just for a minute which saw South Australia equalising in the 66th minute.

14 Years Country Head Coach, Larry Budgen said the boys “showed a lot of character in the game and were unfortunate to get a late goal.”

“In the boy’s first game with South Australia, they were very enthusiastic trying to end the week on a good note.”


11:00am NNSW Country 0 def. by Queensland Country 2 (H. Smythe 31′, D. Uranivia 45′)

The second game of the day for the 14’s Country was forced to back up a few hours later which impressed Coach Budgen for being able to hold up and against a competitive Queensland Country side.

“The boys showed a lot of character again to back up later against Queensland for their final match of the day,” Budgen said.

“They kept the possession well which was the best that they have all week.”

“Despite the scoreline from a couple of errors it was a very even content contest and the boys were unfortunate to be beaten and to have not gotten a draw.”


13 Years Metro: 12:00pm Victoria Metro 2 (D. Siccito 7′, J. Tanic 21′) def. NNSW Metro 0

A tough last match between a strong Victoria Metro squad, the NNSW Country squad went down 2-0.

NNSWF Technical Director, Michael Browne, said that that the boys “produced a determined performance against a decent Victorian team.”

“The boys had a few chances in the game that failed to execute which seen them eventually going down 2-0 in a game that Victora just about deserved to win.”


14 Years Metro: 9:30am NNSW Metro 0 def. NSW Metro White 1 (C. Volpato 15′)

Despite the game being a crossover (no championships applied) and going down early 1-0, the NNSW Metro squad evenly matched the NSW Metro White team.

Browne said that: “following the extremely good performance yesterday afternoon, this game was a bit of an anti-climax and NSW Metro grabbed a winner that neither side deserved to win.”


2:00pm Victoria Metro 1 (P. Hogan 68′) def. NNSW Metro 0

From backing up from this morning’s game and taking on the Championship winners, Browne described the performance from the boys as “determined.”

“In a game of few chances, a late penalty  was enough for Victory to gain all 3 points.”

“The boys defended well and despite having reasonable possession they were unable to create many clear-cut chances.”



Northern Teams Continue to Impress on Day 4 at the FFA NYC

Official Points Tables Day 4

Northern teams gain confidence and continue to impress after their dominant performances on Day 4 at the FFA National Youth Championships for Boys in Coffs Harbour.

Both of the Northern NSW Metro squad’s seen them get wins over Queensland Metro whilst the Northern NSW Country squads faced Tasmania with only the 13 Years receiving another victory.

The final day of the Championships tomorrow will see the boys wanting to improve again on their performances and finish the week off on a high.


13s Country: 1:10pm Tasmania 0 def. by NNSW Country 5 (C. Kelly 3′ & 36’, I. Matthews 27′, T. Power O’Toole 44′, A. Fleeting 54′)

Another dominant display from the Northern 13s Country squad which seen them ease past Tasmania with a 5-0 win.

With two tough upcoming games between NSW Metro White and Queensland Country tomorrow, Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) Technical Director Michael Browne said he is really pleased with how the boys have been playing together.

“It was another pleasing performance from the boys which seen them dominate from start to finish, the boys scored some nice goals and thoroughly deserved their victory.”

“This was their third successive victory and although they have two difficult games coming up, regardless of how those games go, the performance of the whole squad has been very pleasing,”


14 Years Country: 9:00am Tasmania 2 (S. Tantari 20′, A. Yost 60′) def. NNSW Country 1 (M. Garang 43′)

In the 14 Years Country side, it was their tired legs that got the better of them for today’s match.

After equalising in the second half and giving away a poor penalty, the boys were unlucky to not at least get a draw.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne said that overall is a was a disappointing performance from the boys.

“The players looked lethargic and lacked urgency and although they were unfortunate with the penalty decision against them they did not do enough to win the game.”


13 Years Metro: 11:50am NNSW Metro 1 (A. Goodwin 30′) def. Queensland Metro 0

The 13 Years Metro squad has bounced back from their disappointing performances this week with holding on to secure a 1-0 win over Queensland Metro.

A goal just before the half-time whistle was the only decider of the match which NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne described as a “determined performance” of the side.

“The two teams were physically quite evenly matched which undoubtedly helped out the NNSW players get the line share of possession,” Browne said.

“A nicely worked goal just before halftime was enough for the team to claim all three points, however, it could have been a little more comfortable if they hadn’t have missed a second-half penalty.”


3:50pm NNSW Metro 1 (J.Cresnar 56′) def. Northern Territory 0

In the second match of the day, the NNSW Metro squad played their crossover game (no championship points applied) against Northern Territory.

The boys were lucky to get away with a 1-0 win which may have been the cause of tired legs from their earlier match of the day.


14 Years Metro: 3:00pm NNSW Metro 4 (T. Parkes 43′, A. McLeod 46′, E. Page 55′, Z. Addis 63′) def. Queensland Metro 1 (S. Bryant 40′)

The first half of the match between Northern NSW Metro 14s and Queensland Metro was a tight affair with both teams having equal possession in the first half.

Even though the boys were 1-nil down early in the second half, they fought back and scored four goals in the space of 20 minutes to seal the win.

Northern NSW Technical Director was full of appraisal of the 14 Years Metro squad saying that it was another impressive performance.

“Following on from yesterdays impressive performance against NSW, the under 14 team again performed an impressive comprehensive 4-1 win against Queensland.”

“The only surprise was that Queensland took the lead against the run of play, however, clarity was soon restored and 3 further second-half goals gave the scoreline an accurate reflection of the game.”


Northern NSW Sides Build Momentum for Day 4 of FFA NYC

Official Points Tables Day 3

Northern NSW 13 Years are fighting for the top spot of Group B after adding another win to their campaign on Day 3 at the National Youth Championships for Boys.

The Northern Boys across the other three divisions had another hard-hitting day with not getting any wins behind them, besides 14’s Metro in their last match of the day, however, all sides shown promising signs and produced their best performances of the week.

The boys are looking forward to picking up their performance tomorrow with matches against, Queensland Metro, Tasmania and Northern Territory.


13 Years Metro: 10:20am South Australia 2 (C. Wegener 33′ & 57′) def. NNSW Metro 1 (J. Rodway 19′)

Northern NSW Metro side looked dominate in the first half of their match against South Australia and was unlucky to have not gotten the win.

With two penalties that went against them, Northern NSW Football Technical Director Michael Browne praised the boys’ performance and said they were unfortunate to not claim their first victory.

“As with the other teams, the under 13’s side produced their best performance and were very unfortunate with two penalty decisions that went against them, one of which that saw South Australia grab a late win,” Browne said.

“Having said that, the players should have been comfortably ahead at this stage, but they missed several chances that would have seen them claim their first victory.”


13 Years Country: 10:20am NSW Country 1 (H. Thornhill 52′) def. by NNSW Country 6 (I. Matthews 4′, 30′ & 46′, T. Power O’Toole 18′, M. Field 38′, M. Hartmann 60′)

The 13 Years Country squad produced another notable performance of their campaign securing a 6-1 win against NSW Country.

Given the country side has only had limited time in preparation for the Championships, NNSWF Technical Director was impressed with their performance.

“It was another very impressive display by the U13 Country squad who dominated from start to finish against their counterparts from NSW.”

“I look forward to watching them play tomorrow.”


14 Years Metro: 11:40am NNSW Metro 2 (A. McLead 1′, D. Green 6′) drew Capital Football 2 (M. Green 23′, E. Stamatis 57′)

With opening the scoring and having an early lead in the opening stages of the match against Capital Football, Northern 14’s Metro squad became too complacent in the second half giving away two goals to leave both sides sharing the points.

NNSWF Technical Director, Michael Browne said that the game was disappointing not only in terms of the result but also in the performance.

“Having gone 2-nil up the players should have been mature enough to see the game out and get a result, but a very sloppy second-half display meant that they failed to get their first win.”


4:00pm NNSW Metro 2 (J. Benson 14′, S. Haren 56′) def. NSW Metro Blue 0

In their second game of the day, the Northern 14s Metro boys came out firing netting two goals in the first half.

In the second half of the game, it was an even match with NSW Metro Blue dominating possession in Northern’s half, however, the boy’s defended well and absorbed the pressure keeping a clean sheet.

Browne said that the game seen the players produce “by far their best performance of the week so far.”

“They showed an exceptional attitude and determination, and defended with intent.”

“They were good value for the 2-0 lead and despite coming under late pressure, they not only managed to hold on but could have easily managed to extend their lead.”


14 Years Country: 2:30pm NSW Country 1 (H. Jensen 58′) def. NNSW Country 0

It was a tight battle for the 14’s NNSW Country where they were unable to find the back of the net after controlling possession against NSW Country.

Despite not getting the win, NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne said that it was their best performance of the week “and were extremely unlucky not to get at least a draw out of the game.”

“They hit the woodwork twice and conceded late in the second half and although the players were disappointed they should be proud of their performance.”


Day Two Delivers another Tough Day of Competition for the Northern Boys at the FFA NYC

> Day 2 Points Table

Day Two proved to be another tough day on the field for the Northern NSW (NNSW) teams at the FFA National Youth Championships for Boys in Coffs Harbour.

With taking on strong Metropolitan teams, the only team out of the four who came away with a win was the 13 Years Country boys who dominated Northern Territory 4-0 in the first game of the day.

After an overall disappointing day of results, the boys will regroup for another big day tomorrow, with games against South Australia, NSW Country, Capital Football, and NSW Metro Blue.


13s Country: 9:00am Northern Territory 0 def. by NNSW Country 4 (C. Kelly 7′ & 41′, T. Power-O’Toole 35′, J. Page 50′)

Heading into the first match of their campaign that championship points are applied, NNSW 13 Years picked up the rhythm and dominated a physical Northern Territory side.

Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) Technical Director said that considering that the Northern Territory boys beat NSW Country yesterday, “it was a very pleasing performance.”

“It was a very impressive display from the Country team,” Browne said.

“They controlled the game from start to finish, scored some nice goals, and never really looked like conceding.”


13s Metro: 10:20am NNSW Metro 0 def. by Capital Football 2 (T. Vu 37′, M. Jadric 47′)

The 13 Years Metro team started the game well but lost their way in the second half, and gave away two goals to a strong Capital Football side.

NNSWF Technical Director, Michael Browne said that the boys should have taken the lead early on in the game, however, missed two goals and gave away two easy ones.

“We missed two 1v1 opportunities and ended up conceding from a corner and our goal kick,” Browne said.

“Although Capital Football had some physically very strong players, it was a disappointing performance and the players need to realise that they have to compete physically, be assertive and earn the right to play, otherwise they will continue to be on the receiving end of disappointing results.”


3:40pm NNSW Metro 0 def. by NSW Metro Blue 4 (B. Wass 14′, Z. Waddell 28′, B. Sibanda 31′, N. Panuccio 37′)

For the second game of the day for the 13s Metro, they were faced with another tough game as they were matched up against an NSW Metro Blue squad.

With leaking their goals in towards the end of the first half and early in the second, it was hard-hitting for the boys to come back and fight for the game.


14s Country: 10:30am NSW Metro White 6 (C. Hollman 8′, C. Volpato 26′, A. Simmons 28′, L. Mills 46′, J. Drew 37′ & 67′) def. NNSW Country 1 (S. de Wit 2′)

With taking the early lead again, the NNSW Country boys looked as though they were going to be right in the contest for their Championship campaign.

However, once the NSW Metro White boys found their feet they didn’t look back and shattered the NNSW 14s.

NNSW Country 14s Head Coach, Larry Budgen said that the boys started off really well and played some good football scoring early on, however, Metro just moved us around and around and took their created chances.”

“The boys tried to compete and fight back, but the Metro boys were very well structured and composed and dominated the game.”


14s Metro: 1:30pm South Australia Red 4 (J. Konstandoploulos 31′, 37′ & 57′, H. Horne 38′) def. NNSW Metro 1 (A. McLeod 39′)

The NNSW Metro 14 Years were matching it well with South Australia until the second half where they gave away two early goals.

Northern NSW Technical Director said after the two early goals it was “game over in terms of the result.”

“To their credit, the boys kept at it, got a goal back, but were unable to find a second goal that would have made things interesting in the latter stages of the game,” Browne said.

“The scoreline probably flattered South Australia, however, having said that, they were better in all areas of the field and deserved to win the game.”



Northern NSW Sides Have a Tough Start in the Opening of FFA NYC For Boys

Official Points Tables Day 1 

Over 450 of Australia’s finest players commenced their first day of the FFA National Youth Championships for Boys in Coffs Harbour today.

Both of Northern NSW’s Country squads played their crossover games (no championship points applied) on Day One of the Championships against NSW Metro Blue teams which gave the teams the opportunity to benchmark themselves against the Metropolitan sides in the competition. With both Northern sides opening the scoring in both games it gave the players confidence, playing together as a team for the first time heading into the upcoming week.

Northern NSW’s Metro squads were also up against strong opponents in Football West for their opening campaigns of the National Youth Championships. Both Metropolitan sides were equal in possession, however, could not break down their Western opponents defences.

All four of Northern NSW sides showed promising signs and will look forward to building on their performances that they set out today.


13 Years Country: 12:10pm NNSW Country 1 (B. Cavallaro 5′) def. by NSW Metro Blue 3 (A. Gobeah 22′, Z. Waddell 23′, B. Sibanda 47′)

Northern NSW Country 13 Years were up against a strong NSW Metropolitan side for their first game of the FFA National Youth Championships.

Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) Technical Director Michael Browne said that it was a tough start for the boys, but, “all in all, it was a creditable performance against a reasonable NSW Metro team.”

“The players started the game quite well and went 1-nil up but then found themselves on the back foot and under pressure for the rest of the game,” Browne said.

“At 1-1, Marcus Field hit the bar, and from that rebound, NSW Metro went up and scored at the other end.”


14 Years Country: 2:00pm NNSW Country 1 (R. Dennis 11′) def. by NSW Metro Blue 5 (A. Mollas 24′, J. Jones-Moody 26′, M. Falco 53′)

The Country 14’s side faced a similarly strong test to open their Championships campaign. The boys started strong opening the scoring in the 11th minute of their fixture against NSW Metropolitan Blue.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne said that despite taking the lead, “the team had a very difficult task against a very strong NSW Metro side.”

“NSW dominated possession, dominated the game and ultimately 5-1 was a fair reflection of the match.”

“To their credit, the Country team kept going until the end but were struggling to create anything.”


13 Years Metro: 4:10pm Football West 3 (M. Feillafe 9′ & 16′, C. Donnell 40′) def. NNSW Metro 1 (OG 4′)

The Northern NSW 13 Years Metro side were challenged this afternoon by Football West and even though the game was fairly even in regards to possession, the boys were unable to break down Football West’s defence.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne complimented Football West’s defence saying, “Football West were very compact and very hard to break down, unfortunately, we gave some poor goals away and ultimately that was the difference between the two teams.”


14 Years:

The 14 Years Metro side were ultimately in a similar position this afternoon against Football West and were unfortunate to not find an equaliser after a hard-fought second half performance.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne said it was again a very even game with both sides creating good chances throughout the match.

“Some pleasing things at times, our players are naive and they need to be a little more astute with their decision-making at important times.”

“The Football West goalkeeper played exceptionally well, a draw would probably have been a fair result.”



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