NNSW Squads Gain Valuable Experience on Final Day

October 5th, 2016

After a long tough week against some physical opponents across Australia, the Northern NSW (NNSW) squads have finished the FFA National Youth Championships for Boys.

The boys have all gained some valuable experience which will put them in good stead for the future.


13s Metro 10:10am NNSW Metro 2 (3′ T. Parkes, 12′ S. Haren) drew Capital Football (14′ L. Florez, 30′ E. Barar)

A strong start saw the NNSW Metro 13s squad lead the game 2-0 up by the 12th minute from goals by Tom Parkes and Sam Haren. However, Capital Football fought back and brought the game to a draw before half time.

NNSWF Technical Director said it was a ‘much-improved display’ when the boys took the 2-0 lead.

“The game was then very even.”

“The Metro team rallied well and had a great opportunity to win the game late on, but unfortunately they missed the penalty and a chance to gain all 3 points”


13s Country 11:30am NNSW Country (4′ Z. Watts, 37′ & 44′ L. Townsend, 49′ Z. Addis, 54′ Z. Skrtic) def. Northern Territory 0

The first game of the day seen NNSW Country 13 Years dominate a Northern Territory side which was a positive start to their day.

Goal scorers included Zebb Watts, Luke Townsend, Zahi Addis and Zane Skrtic.

NNSWF Technical Director was pleased with the result.

“Overall it was a comfortable victory against a spirited Norther Territory team, with some good quality finishes to top off some good approach play.”


4:50pm NSW Country 6 (9′ E. Efsathiou, 11′ C. Stormonth, 17′ J. Codemo, 22′ S. Hernander, 29′ J. Codemo, 32′ C. Sully) def. NNSW Country 0

A tough last match between a strong NSW Country squad, the NNSW Country squad went down 6-0.

From backing up from this morning’s game and taking on a physical opponent, Browne was ‘impressed with the way the boys kept going to the end, despite the fact that they had no fit subs on the bench.’

“It was a difficult final game against a physical very strong NSW C team, with some good players as well.”


14s Country 8:20am NNSW Country 1 (12′ S. Modderno) def. NSW Metro White 6 (27′ J. Bilanozic, 41′ & 59′ P. Phillips, 52′ & 65′ J. Maniti, 69′ M. Chung)

The NNSW Country 14s squad started the game brilliantly with getting in front in the 12th minute.

However, a strong NSW Metro Squad squad fought back hard to have the game finish at 6-1.

NNSWF Technical Director said that the late three goals would have been ‘probably a bit harsh on the team’.

“The boys started the game quite brightly and an excellent long range strike from Sam Modderno saw them take a deserved lead.”

“NSW Metro equalised before half time and gradually got on top of the game, finishing very strongly against a depleted Country team.


14s Metro 3:30pm NNSW Metro 5 (6′ S. Montefiore, 19′ T. Mureverwi, 24′ J. Gardner, 27′ J. Simmons, 32′ N. Martinelli) def. Capital Football 2 (47′ & 56′ Z. Barbanto)

NNSW Metro 14s squad would have left the championships on a high for their final day, defeating Capital Football 5-2.

With scoring five goals only in the first half, NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne was happy with their performance but believed that the boys could have scored several more.

“There were also some disappointing aspects to the performance, some sloppy play at the back allowed Capital Football score two and hit the woodwork twice; when in reality if the boys had been a little bit more disciplined it would have been a much more comfortable score line.”

“It was the last game of a long week, however, fatigue was probably a factor.”



Day 4 Delivers another Tough Day of Competition

Another tough day for the Northern squads for Day 4 of the FFA National Youth Championships for Boys, coming up against the physical competition.

With the high workload and game intensity, every day has taken its toll on some of the boy’s and has resulted in some injuries.


13 Years 9:20am NNSW Country 0 def. NSW Metro White 3 (43′ Z. Ahluwalla, 46′ D. Milicic, 60′ P. Araullo)

After their first win yesterday, the NNSW 13s country, unfortunately, were unable to back up against a strong NSW Metro White.

NNSWF Technical Director, Michael Browne commented that with only 11 fit players, due to players being injured, ‘it was always going to be a tough game’.

“It was a difficult game for the boys, they were up against a very good NSW Metro team.”

“However they competed well, but eventually went down 3-0.”


13s Metro 4:00pm Queensland Metro 2 (35′ E. Ali-Sheme, 40′ B. Atwal) def. NNSW Metro 1 (51′ T. Parkes)

Another nail biting performance from the NNSW Metro 13s squad where they started their first half strong but unfortunately from two mistakes in their second half, they were unable to get back into the game.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne believed the boys pressed Queensland Metro hard and were unlucky to get an equaliser.

“The first half display was very encouraging, and the team had the majority of possession but without really troubling the oppositions GK.”

“The second half saw the team concede two goals from our goal kicks, and despite getting one back 10 minutes from the end, they pressed hard without being able to force an equaliser.”


14 Years 10:40am Queensland Metro 4 (20′ C. Morseray, 22′ J. Courtney, 27′ & 57′ B. Braunstorfer) def. NNSW Metro 2 (35′ L. Bayliss, 43′ A. Sherrat)

From a tough three days before their fourth today, the NNSW Metro 14s found it hard to get into the game in the first half against Queensland Metro.

NNSWF Technical Director believed that the teams first half performance was ‘the most disappointing performance by the team all week.’

“It was no surprise that they found themselves 3-0 down however the second half, was a completely different affair.”

“The boys did well to get back 3-2. Despite pressing for an equaliser, they eventually conceded a late goal and went down 4-2.”

“On the positive side, it was a significantly improved second half performance.”


14s Country 12:00pm NSW Country 1 (64′ I. Hovar) def. NNSW Country 0

The 14s NNSW Country side has done so well in playing as a team throughout the championships with keeping the possession of the ball.

However, they have had the issue in not being clinical enough in front of goal and have unfortunately lost every game by just a single goal.

NNSWF Technical Director said that this game was ‘no different’ to their other games throughout the championships.

“The boys competed well and were in the game and were right right up into the game until the end until a harsh late penalty saw them disappointedly lose out by the only goal in the game.”



Northern Boys Starting to Find Their Feet on Day 3

Northern Boys across the four squads have all started to pick up the speed of the competition and have shown that they have a lot of potential against their opposition.

With the Country squads, they have started to gel together as a team and have worked a more possession based game compared to the last two days, which has paid off in their results.

The Metro squads had two games in hand today where they tried to hold on tight but unfortunately found it tough physically to keep in the games and reach their desired results.


13s Metro: 8:00am Football West 2 (27′ J. Gorman, 47′ J. Leader) def. NNSW Metro 1 (2′ W. Ingram)

The first game of the day for the 13’s Metro, seen the boys take an early lead, however, going down 2-1 midway through the second half, they, unfortunately, came up too short after some great chances to equalise.

NNSWF Technical Director believed the boys started the game off well, however, were unable to compete physically.

“We got a lot of good intent and decent possession of the ball. Physically they found it difficult to cope especially in the middle and front third, but having said that Western Australia had some good players and they were always a threat going forward.”.

“Having gone 2-1 down midway through the second half the NNSW boys rallied and forced their keeper into a couple of good saves near the end but just came up short. There were some positives from the game but obviously, the boys would be disappointed with the result.”


4:00pm Victoria Metro 0 drew NNSW Metro 0

The second game of the day was a fairly even game for the boys with both teams creating plenty opportunities.

Emerging Jets Academy Director Gary van Egmond said the boys controlled the game better with the ball against Victoria Metro, which led to opportunities to score goals.

“They worked hard and tirelessly for the entire game.”

“With every game, the boys are getting more used to the speed and the competition that presents itself and accepting the challenge a lot better as the week progresses. I am really looking forward to the last couple of days to see how they can keep improving.”


13s Country Queensland Country 0 def. by NNSW Country 3 (2′, 29′ & 37′ S. de Wit)

The Under 13 Country team found their feet and played a great possession based game which resulted in them having their first win at the Championships.

Far North Coast boy, Syl de Wit managed to score himself a hat trick in the match.

NNSWF Country Coach Larry Budgen praised the team’s performance and said ‘overall it was the best performance by the team so far’.

“They started very brightly and it was no surprise when they took the lead following a corner after two minutes.”

“They were defensively solid and played some decent football when in possession.”


14s Country 8:00am NNSW Country 0 def. by Queensland Country 1 (49′ A. Powell)

The match against Queensland Country was a tight affair for the NNSW Country side, where the boys were equal in possession, however, were not clinical enough in the front third.

NNSWF Country Coach Larry Budgen believed the boys played better football today and showed good commitment as their ‘structure was a lot better’.

“They were unlucky to not convert opportunities in the fist half, however, the whole match effort was a lot better than previous days.”

“Standout players were Max Lynch, Sam Mod, and Ethan Pollard-Smith, they worked tirelessly in the midfield.”

“The match was in the balance until the final whistle it could’ve gone either way.”


14s Metro 11:00am Football West 2 (55′ T. Ostler, 57′ J. Petrie) drew NNSW Metro 2 (5′ A. Sherratt, 53′ B. Wells)

The first match of the day for the 14s Metro seen the boys take the lead from a well-worked free kick. It was only until the second half where it looked as though we could have gone away with the 3 points but unfortunately were overrun by a dominate Football West to go to a draw.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne believed that in the first half Football West dominated possession ‘ but without really creating too many clear-cut chances.’

“The second half was a more even affair in terms of possession, and a well-worked goal saw the NNSW team go 2-0 ahead.”

“Having looked as though they had done enough to secure the 3 points, Football West hit back with two late goals that left the boys somewhat disappointed in the final result.”

“Overall it was probably a fair result, it was pleasing that they managed to create plenty of opportunities in the second half.”


4:30pm Victoria Metro 4 (14′ & 16′ B. Kirder, 24′ J. Bos, 45′ D. Menelou) def. NNSW Metro 2 (7′ J. Simmons, 38′ N. Martinelli)

The boys were in for a tough afternoon for their second match, coming up against table leaders Victoria Metro.

NNSWF Technical Director said the boys started ‘quite brightly’ but ‘physically it was a bridge too far to get back into the game’ after going down 4-2.

“The boys took a deservedly goal through an excellent strike from Jack Simmons. However, Vicotria came back strongly and scored 3 goals in 10 minutes sending them in at 3-1 at the break.”

“Having played earlier today, players found it tough physically but managed to get themselves back into the game and at 3-2 had chances to draw level.”


Northern Boys Determined to Bounce Back After a Disappointing Day 2

Another tough day on the field for the Northern Boys at the FFA National Youth Championships for Boys in Coffs Harbour.

After a disappointing day of results, the boys are now determined to bounce back when they head into Day 3.

Tomorrow both Northern NSW Metro squads have the opportunity to secure 6 vital Championship points to keep them in the title race as they have two fixtures, whilst the two Country squads will play their double fixtures on Friday.

13 Years Country: 10:40am NNSW Country 1 (29′ Z. Watts) def. by Tasmania 2 (3′ D. Taylor, 48′ B. Ait Maamar)

In the 13 Years, the Northern NSW Country side found an equaliser in the 29th minute by Zeb Watts however, they were unable to keep the possession and hold the game from a physical Tasmania side.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne was disappointed in the boys’ performance.

“Physically the boys found it hard to compete, especially in the middle of the field and as a result were on the back foot for much of the game.”

“We were unable to keep possession for any significant amount of time and consequently failed to create much in the way of meaningful opportunities.”

13 Years Metro: 4:00pm NNSW Metro 1 (4′ S. Haren) def. by NSW Metro Blue 2 (35′ & 41′ J. Roddy)

The 13 Years Metro side played another defensive game trying to hold their early 1-0 lead against NSW Metro Blue.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne believed if the boys were able to hold out a little longer, the boy’s would have gotten away with a draw.

“I thought they scored a very well worked goal scored by Sam Haren, it was one of the few times that we were able to retain possession and go forward with real quality. After that, we were having to defend for much of the game, and unfortunately, they were unable to hold out.”

“The boys didn’t really create many chances in the second half but at the same time we didn’t look like conceding too many times either.”

“On the balance of play, we could have gotten a draw but didn’t do enough to deserve to win the game”

 14 Years Metro: 9:20am NNSW Metro 1 (3′ T. Mureverwi) drew NSW Metro Blue 1 (57′ A. Mlinaric)

An early strike from Tinotenda Mureverwi saw the 14 Years Northern NSW Metro side take the lead in the first half. The boys were then under pressure as NSW started to dominate possession but were unable to create clear-cut opportunities in the first half.

NNSWF Technical Director agreed that the boys were under a lot of pressure by a strong and powerful NSW side but was pleased that they only conceded an equaliser.

“The second half saw NNSW put on under a lot of pressure by a physically dominate NSW Metro team and a valiant rearguard action looked as if it might be enough for the team to hold on to the victory, however, a late mishit cross went straight in and gave NSW a deservedly equaliser.”

“On the positive side, they were able to withstand a lot of pressure and did not capitulate.”

14 Years Country: 12:00pm Tasmania 2 (7′ & 68′ A. Saracino) def. NNSW Country 1 (70′ S. Modderno)

The 14 Years Country team created plenty of opportunities that could have allowed them to equalise on several occasions with Tasmania, however, they were unable to convert their chances created until the very end.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne thought the game was like the cliché, ‘too little too late’, as ‘there was not enough time for the boys to grab an equaliser’ after Samuel Modderno’s free kick.

“The first half saw Tasmania dominate proceedings and although their goal was a result of a defensive error it was no more than they deserved.”

“The second half saw a much-improved display and the under 14s country team went to equalising on several occasions until a few minutes from the end Tasmania broke away to make it 2-0,” Browne concluded.



Northern Squads Find Mixed Results on Day 1 of FFA National Youth Championships for Boys

Over 450 players commenced their first day of the FFA National Youth Championships for Boys in Coffs Harbour today.

The two Metro teams both started slowly in their first half however the 14 Years side, in particular, got on top of the game and dominated possession in the second half.

Given the country sides only having a limited time for preparation for the Championships both teams showed good promise in their second half of their games.

13 Years Metro: 10:20am NNSW Metro 0 def. by South Australia 1 (53′ R. Thompson)

Northern NSW Metro 13 Years held on during a tight first half against South Australia, with Northern NSW defending exceptionally well, however, it was not until late in the second half that South Australia got behind.

NNSWF Technical Director, Michael Browne believed the boys were up against a really tough competition but thought they played a practical game.

“South Australia had some physically very strong players as well as technically.”

“In the end, they dominated the game and 1-0 loss was a reasonable result for the Metro side, considering the balance of the play.”

13 Years Country: 6:20pm Victoria Country 1 (21′ T. Pisani) def. NNSW Country 0

After a hard fought game, the 13 Years Northern NSW Country side, unfortunately, couldn’t get through a dominant Victorian Country opposition.

NNSWF Technical Director, Michael Browne commented that the opposition was significantly bigger than the Northern side which may have made them to be a little intimidated in the first half.

“In the second half, the boys created some decent openings and performed much better.”

14 Years Country: 9:00am NNSW Country 1 (39′ OG) def. by Victoria Country 2 (9′ M. Noggler, 26′ C. Ramsay)

Northern NSW Country 14 Years took a little bit of time to get into the swing of things in the start of the match, however, started to gel together through the second half.

NNSWF Technical Director, Michael Browne was positive of the 14 Years performance against the Victorians despite the team going down 10 players in the first half.

“In the first half, the overall performance was a little bit disappointing and going in 2-0 down with 10 players the team was obviously facing a difficult second half.”

“However, they did well to get themselves back into the game, and in terms of chances created, we were the better team in the second half and were unfortunate not to come away with at least a draw.”

14 Years Metro: 2:50pm NNSW Metro 3 (34′ T. Mureverwi, 53′ B. Wells, 64′ N. Martinelli) def. South Australia 1 (18′ D. Bressan)

The 14 Years Northern NSW Metro side seemed to have the same sort of start as their fellow squads, with going down 1-0 at halftime.

However after Tinotenda Mureverw’s goal in the 34th minute the boys started to work together more which led the goals to roll in from Bailey Wells and Nicholas Martinelli.

NNSWF Technical Director, Michael Browne believed that the boys’ second half performance reflected their deserved win.

“The team started slowly and were quite hesitant in most aspects of their play, and it was no surprise that they ended up going a goal down.”

“A well-worked goal finished by Nicholas Martinelli changed the course of the game, and a much improved second half performance saw the team run out deserved 3-1 winners in the end,” Browne concluded.

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