Premier Profiles: Maggie Quinn – Adamstown Rosebud




Adamstown midfielder Maggie Quinn has been a stalwart for the club since her arrival in recent years leading to her being named vice-captain and becoming a recognised leader and mentor for the young squad. Despite still being a reasonably young player, she’s already proved to be one of the more experienced players, and on her day, damaging players, in the Herald Women’s Premier League. Maggie spoke with league correspondent Isaac, about her career so far including some of her career highlights and what she does away from the football field.


How did you first get into football when you were younger? Which teams did you play for in the youth divisions?

I can’t specifically remember, but I think my friends started playing so I did too. I played for Merewether for the majority of my youth either side of playing for Newcastle Rep.

When did you start playing for Adamstown, and what has been your favourite memory with the club and the team?

I started playing for Adamstown in 2016. My all time favourite memory at the club is probably taking out the TAFE NSW Women’s State Cup last year. We had a mixed squad of 1sts and 20s and to come out the winners was such an awesome achievement and I was so proud of all of the girls.

Who has been your favourite player to play alongside in the Herald WPL in your career?

Definitely Clare Cummings. She plays with so much passion and intensity that I feel every player should have.

Who do you think the hardest player to play against has been?

Most recently, Tara Andrews. She definitely keeps you on your toes.

Do you have anyone that you look up to in sport, either in football or otherwise?

No one specifically, but the Matildas are a team that I admire.

You obviously can’t play football all day, every day – what do you do when you’re not training and playing with the Rosebuds? Do you have any favourite activities or hobbies?

Well I work A LOT. I have my own cafe so that tends to occupy basically all of my week days but on weekends I hang out with my partner, our puppy Chewie and my amazing friends. This generally consists of sitting at Cafes and drinking copious amounts of coffee and eating delicious food.

Adamstown has had a mixed start to the Herald WPL season – what are your thoughts on 2019 so far?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it has been a difficult start to the season, but the girls have never lost hope and I have always believed that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I think the game against Merewether showed a glimpse of our true potential. If we can continue to grow and listen to the coaching staff as the season goes on, I don’t see why we can’t be competing with the top teams.

How has it been stepping into the vice-captaincy for the year? What have you enjoyed about sharing the leadership roles with Elodie Dagg?

For me, it doesn’t feel too different to last season as I have always been a very vocal player and have inputted where I saw fit. But it is definitely an honor to represent the club who has looked after me for four seasons now.

Sharing the leadership role with Elodie has actually been awesome. I feel like we are communicating a little more in-depth than we used to and I can definitely learn a lot from her so hopefully that will improve my play even more.

Adamstown has recruited a lot of youth heading into 2019 – have you had a guiding role beyond your vice-captain role with these emerging talents?

I would like to think that I have. I consistently try to make an effort to always be someone that they would feel comfortable playing along side. I might keep it light with banter and positivity but I am always full of admiration for the girls and their efforts so hopefully this is helping them settle in.

Finally, what do you see yourself doing in the next ten years, whether it be in the world of football, or elsewhere.

I hope that I am still playing, but I would be 35 by then so probably not at this level because I already feel bloody old amongst the girls. Outside of football, I see myself doing the same as now but hopefully having another puppy to accompany our weekend coffee dates.