1v1 Premier Profiles: Ty Goldsmith – Wallsend FC

1v1: Ty Goldsmith




For many that play in the Zone League competitions, Ty Goldsmith is a name that’s become quite known mainly due to his incredible ability to score goals. Throughout his time playing for Argenton United, Ty averaged more than 30 goals a season, and this year he’s taken on the challenge of progressing into the NEWFM Northern League One where he’s even sitting equal-top of the Golden Boot leaderboard heading into the final round. Turning 30 later this year, Ty may seem like he’s made a start to his Premier Competition career a little late, but is quickly rising through the ranks and proving he can play with and against players who have been there their whole career. He caught up with correspondent Quentin, to discuss his journey so far, and where the road still might take him.


Where and when did you start your junior career and how did you progress into senior football?

I started my junior career at Lake Macquarie Roosters and I progressed into a senior career there at the age of 16 playing U19s in what was the NBN State League then.

Tell me about your playing history – What teams have you played for and when?

I’ve played for a few teams but in my senior career, I was at Lakes for 2 years and then I decided to take a few years off for work reasons. I then considered playing for Maitland as it was near work but instead was talked into playing with a few mates in All Age Argenton United. We started in D-Grade for All Age and progressed to Zone League 2 winning the division each year. Currently, I am playing at Wallsend Red Devils having joined this season.

You’ve made the step up to the NEWFM Northern League One from the Zone Leagues and excelled. How have you found being in a Premier Competition?

I don’t feel there is a massive difference as in the Zone League you get a lot of quality players but just aren’t able to be as committed to the game. They’re still very high quality though so it hasn’t been too much of a step up.

You’ve made the jump up at a pretty late age compared to some others – do you think that’s hindered you at all, or benefitted you?

I wouldn’t say it’s benefitted me. Unfortunately, it has made me a bit of a lazy player and it’s taken a little time getting back up to the speed required in the NEWFM Northern League One.

What player has been one of your favourite players to play with and you have admiration for? Why?

I don’t really have an all-time favourite player, but my whole Argenton team would be the closest to ‘favourite players’ as this was comprised of a team of mates playing the sport we love. This year though, would be Wez Pryce because of the banter we enjoy on the field.

Which player is the hardest to play against? And why?

I would have to say coming through my junior career playing against Chris Broadley. We were very similar players.

What do you like to do in your spare time when you’re not playing soccer/football?

I enjoy hanging out with my partner, riding my motorbike, going for a game of golf, travelling and hanging with friends and family.

What do you do for work? Are you currently studying? Or have you completed your studies, if so, in what field?

I am The Doctor, ask anyone at Wallsend!

Most memorable moment(s) of your career so far?

Winning the Grand Final in U12s at Lake Macquarie Roosters.

Most influential person in your career?

The last couple of years I’d say my partner, but definitely my dad and my grandad. They’ve never missed a game and played a big role in my early years as I never got told a false compliment in any game. It was always clear when I played well and when I didn’t.

What are you hoping to achieve for this year’s season?

As the season has now passed without a chance at the Grand Final, I’ll just take the golden boot, thanks.

What’s your plans for the future of your career? Where are you hoping to progress?

Pushing my career to the limits and seeing how far I can go before retirement from the game.