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Please be advised that the NSW Government’s COVID-19 Safety Plan can now be accessed and completed online in less than 10 minutes!

The updated COVID-19 Safety Plan features a simple checklist of questions that only require clubs to include additional details where it is a legal requirement.

Community football now falls within the ‘Outdoor Events’ category when considered by NSW Government in relation to COVID-19 Safety Plans.

Please note, a COVID-19 Safety Plan is not required for those clubs who estimate that they will not have more then 200 people at their venue at any one time, any time during the year. When considering this, Community Clubs should consider the change-over period of matches (people currently at the venue and people arriving for next lot of matches), presentation days, gala days, etc.

To be compliant with NSW Government requirements, community club’s simply need to enter details into the online COVID-19 Safety Plan and mark “Agree” or “Not Applicable” to each requirement in the below focus areas:

  • Wellbeing of staff and customers
  • Physical distances
  • Hygiene and cleaning
  • Record keeping

If a particular requirement is not applicable, you will be required to enter a short reason as to why it is not applicable to your club.

To assist, we’ve prepared a template below that may assist your club to complete your plan. Please keep in mind – clubs may need to answer questions differently depending on your local circumstances.

Record Keeping 

With respect to the ‘Record Keeping’ requirements outlined in the current COVID-19 Safety Plan

  • Clubs are required to display a QR code at their ground in a prominent location to enable attendees to ‘check-in’.
  • If using the Service NSW QR code (recommended), clubs will need to register their club with Service NSW. This is a simple process with more information able to be found here.
  • Clubs are required to communicate to its members that attendees are required to check-in upon arrival to the venue. This communication is sufficient in taking reasonable steps to collect records of attendees.
  • Club volunteers are NOT responsible for ensuring that all attendees check-in. To assist with this, Northern NSW Football has produced downloadable signage and social media graphics that clubs can access below to advise people to check-in when attending the venue or event.

If your club has not already completed the COVID-19 Safety Plan – please do so and ensure a copy is kept at your facility at all times in the event that you are asked to produce it.