Telstra SAP State Championships For Boys

August 17th, 2017

Northern NSW Footballers to Test Themselves at Rescheduled Telstra State SAP Championships for Boys

More than 220 of the most talented young, male footballers in Northern NSW will have the chance to come together again at the Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility this weekend to compete in the rescheduled Telstra SAP State Championships for Boys.

Earlier this year the Telstra State SAP Championships were scheduled in Coffs Harbour, however, heavy rainfall leading up to and during the Championships forced Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) to cancel and reschedule.

The Telstra SAP State Championships for Boys is contested by the Member Zones who support NNSWF’s strategic direction through the implementation of Licensed Skill Acquisition Programs (SAP’s). Squads representing the NNSWF Newcastle SAP and a composite NNSWF Select SAP will also participate in the 11 and 12 Years divisions.

The composition of the Telstra SAP State Championships for Boys has been amended to acknowledge the vital contribution of Licensed SAP’s to the development of players within NNSWF’s Talented Player Pathway. Skill development is clearly the primary focus of the Skill Acquisition Phase, however, players also have to develop their understanding of the game in order to apply these skills in an appropriate context.

Teams across Northern NSW will include, Macquarie Football, Hunter Valley Football, Northern Inland Football, Football Mid North Coast, North Coast Football, NNSW Newcastle SAP, and NNSW Select SAP.

The first matches commence at 5:00 pm on Friday, August 18th, with both 11 and 12 Years Boys matches played simultaneously on two fields – Field 1 hosting the 12 Years Boys and Field 2 hosting the 11 Years Boys.

The presentation ceremony for the Championships will take place from 6:35 pm on Sunday 20th August.


Day 2

11 Years:

8:30am Macquarie 1 (R. Court 33′) def. NNSW Newcastle SAP 0
9:25am Emerging Jets 10 Years 3 (I. Preston-Poole 3′, S. Manning-Lourey 18′ & A. Nuncs 31′) def. Hunter Valley 0
10:20am NNSW Select SAP 5 (C. Hancock 12′, M. Apostolidis 22′, T. Baldwin 32′ & 28′ & H. Walters 40′) def. North Coast 0
11:15am Northern Inland 3 (A. Chorley 13′, A Davis 27′ & L. Johnson 32′) def. by Mid North Coast 4 (L. Alexopoulos 11′)
12:10pm Hunter Valley 2 (H. Chalker 8′ & H. Sherring 20′) def. North Coast 1 (H. Campbell 32′)
1:05pm NNSW Newcastle SAP 5 (C. Stevenson 5′, 20’& 28′, J. O’Brien 22′ & K.Watkins 23′) def. Mid North Coast 1
2:00pm Northern Inland v NNSW Select SAP
2:55pm Emerging Jets 10 Years v Mid North Coast
3:50pm Macquarie v North Coast
4:45pm NNSW Newcastle SAP v NNSW Select SAP
5:40pm Hunter Valley v Northern Inland
6:35pm Mid North Coast v NNSW Select SAP
7:30pm North Coast v Emerging Jets 10 Years

12 Years:

8:30am Macquarie 2 (B. Foster 22′ & OG 28′) def. NNSW Newcastle SAP 0
9:25am Emerging Jets 10 Years 1 (T. Hedley 7′) def. by Hunter Valley 2 (Z. Braun Socha 8′ & R. Stothard 28′)
10:20am Mid North Coast 2 (S. Logan-Pye 13′ & N. Thick 38′) def. Northern Inland 1 (W.Doyle 36′)
11:15am North Coast 1 (J. Cameron 31′) drew NNSW Select SAP 1 (O. Ison 23′)
12:10pm Hunter Valley 3 (R. Stothard 9’& R. Fitzpatrick 11’& 21′) def. Northern Inland 1 (B. Jarrett 11′)
1:05pm NNSW Newcastle SAP 2 (J. Graham 2′ & 15′) def. by NNSW Select SAP 4 (L. Fletcher ‘, N.Brown 27′ & W. Hunter 39′ & 40′)
2:00pm North Coast 1 (L. Taylor 15′) drew Mid North Coast 1 (S. Logan-Pye 5’)
2:55pm Emerging Jets 11 Years v NNSW Select SAP
3:50pm Macquarie v Northern Inland
4:45pm NNSW Newcastle SAP v Mid North Coast
5:40pm Hunter Valley v North Coast
6:35pm NNSW Select SAP v Mid North Coast
7:30pm Northern Inland v Emerging Jets 11 Years


Day 1

11 Years:

5:00pm Hunter Valley 0 def. by Macquarie 2 (X. Toole 24′ & A.Maher 33′)
5:55pm Emerging Jets 10 Years 0 def. by NNSW Newcastle SAP 2 (R.Paterson 32′ & C.Stevenson 39′)
6:50pm Macquarie 2 (C. Fitchett 11’& M. Paterson 33′) drew Emerging Jets 10 Years 2 (M. Cooper 11′ & K. Schumacher 33′)
7:45pm NNSW Newcastle SAP 1 (D. O’Rourke 19′) def. Hunter Valley 0

12 Years:

5:00pm Hunter Valley 0 def. by Macquarie 2 (A. Tan 18′, B. Foster 26′)
5:55pm Emerging Jets 10 Years 2 (M.Brideson 10’& B.Harding 34′) def. NNSW Newcastle SAP 0
6:50pm Macquarie 1 (A. Tan 30′) def. by Emerging Jets 10 Years 2 (M. Brideson 34’& J. Rafty 40′)
7:45pm NNSW Newcastle SAP 2 (F. O’Mara 4′ & J. Scarpin 15′) def. by Hunter Valley 5 (B. Armstrong 10′, R.Fitzpatrick 16′ & 40′, H. Whatham 22′ & J. Matejczuk 28′)

Official Points Tables – Day 1 (PDF)

Fixture Draw

Squad Lists:

Emerging Jets

Football Mid North Coast

Hunter Valley Football

Macquarie Football

NNSWF Newcastle


North Coast Football

Northern Inland Football

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