Telstra State Championships For Boys

August 18th, 2017

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Official Points Table 

Photos Day Three

Official Points Table Day Two

Photos Day Two

Official Points Tables Day One

Photos Day One

Macquarie Football (12’s Division) and Emerging Jet 10’s (11’s Division) Named 2017 State Champions

Macquarie Football claimed the title of State Champions in the 12’s division with two Rounds to play at the Telstra State Championships on Sunday, whilst the Emerging Jets 10 Years bounced back from a poor start on Friday night to claim the title of State Champions in the 11’s division.

Macquarie were strong across the three-day tournament, taking the lead early and never really looking in doubt. Hunter Valley and NNSW Select SAP had kept pace by the end of Day Two, but both failed to keep the momentum on the final day.

Winger Anthony Tan and Striker Brayden Foster were lethal for Macquarie, Tan scoring six goals in seven games, and Foster with four.

In the 11’s division, the Emerging Jets took a while to take off, but once they hit their straps they were unstoppable.

They lost the first match against NNSW Newcastle SAP 2-0, and were then unlucky against Macquarie in a 2-2 draw.

But with the tough fixtures out of the way, they started with a tidy 3-1 win on Saturday and didn’t drop any points for the remaining five fixtures.





Day Three – Sunday 20th August


11 Years

8:30am Macquarie 6 (A. Maher 7′, C. Fiotchet 20, 33′, L. Lightfoot 23′, 28′, A. Davis 25′) def. Northern Inland 1(I. Witson 3′)

9:25am Mid North Coast 5 (R. Stevenson 3′, M. Woodward 12′, C. Page 15′, 21′, S. Blain 23′) def. Hunter Valley 0

10:20am North Coast 3 (H. Bellamy 13′, I. Frewin-Davis 25′, H Campbell 28′) def. Northern Inland 1 (T. Aitken 9′)

11:15am Emerging Jets 10 Years 3 (A. Nunes 7′, J. Hill 25′, 39′) def. NNSW Select SAP 1 (R. Wagner 14′)

12:10pm Mid North Coast 4 (C. Page 9′ 25′, C. West 11′, 13′) def. Macquarie 0

1:05pm Northern Inland 1 (J. Anderson 29′) def. by NNSW Newcastle SAP 6 (C. Stevenson 3′, 5′, 21′, N. Di Claudio 19′, k. Watkins 32′, R. Peterson 33′)

2:00pm NNSW Select SAP 1 (H. Walters 29′) def. by Hunter Valley 3 (C. Law 10′, H. Chalker 25′ & Z. Lovell 39′)

2:55pm North Coast 2 (B. Dove 11′ & 15′) def. Mid North Coast 0

3:50pm Northern Inland 0 def. by Emerging Jets 10 Years 9 (W. Dobson 9′ & 17′, S. Manning-Lourey 11′, K. Schumacher 12′ & 26′, L. West’, M. Cooper 1′ & S. Murphy 37′)

4:45pm North Coast 2 (H. Bellamy 18′ & H. Campbell 37′) drew NNSW Newcastle SAP 2 (N. Di Claudio 4′ & L. Walshe 28′)

5:40pm NNSW Select SAP 1 (M. Apostolidis 28′) def. by Macquarie 2 (C. Gibson 15′ & 25′)

12 Years

8:30am Macquarie 1 (B. Foster 38′) def. North Coast 0

9:25am NNSW Select SAP (W. Hunter 27′) v Hunter Valley (J. Atkinson 24′)

10:20am Northern Inland 0 drew North Coast 0

11:15am Emerging Jets 11 Years 1 (M. Rae 33′) drew Mid North Coast 1 (S. Logan-Pye 25′)

12:10pm NNSW Select SAP 0 def. by Macquarie 4 (A. Tan 6′, 9′, 29′, 37′)

1:05pm North Coast 3 (H. Alderman 6′, J. Rann 12′, C. Brear 34′) drew NNSW Newcastle SAP 3 (J. Scarpin 15′, W. Southcombe 17′, 22′)

2:00pm Mid North Coast 2 (H. Holbrook 13′ & B. Maclean 24′) def. Hunter Valley 0

2:55pm Northern Inland 4 (B. Boonstra 21′ & B. Jarrett 25′, 32′ & 30′) def. NNSW Select SAP 3 (L. Fletcher 5′, A. Workum 8′ & W. Hunter 11′)

3:50pm North Coast 0 def. by Emerging Jets 11 Years 2 (J. Rafty 5′ & B. Harding 28′)

4:45pm Northern Inland 2 (B. Jarrett 23′ & B. Boonstra 26′) def. by NNSW Newcastle SAP 3 (J. Graham 8′, B. Allen 16′ & H. Nyman 35′)

5:40pm Mid North Coast 2 (S. Logan-Pye 15′ & A. Clout 34′) def. by Macquarie 3 (B. Foster 11′, N. King 13′ & M. Peart 36′)

Day Two – Saturday 19th August


Official Points Table Day Two

Photos Day Two

It’s still too close to call a winner after 34 games played at the end of Day 2 in the Telstra State Championships for Boys, though leaders have emerged from the pack in both divisions, with NNSW Newcastle SAP, Emerging Jets 10’s and NNSW Select SAP within a point of each other in the 11’s, and Hunter Valley and Macquarie leading the group in the 12’s.

It was a day of mixed fortunes for the Country squads, who joined the Metro squads this morning having travelled to Newcastle on Friday Night. Northern Inland and North Coast struggled in both divisions, but played some great football and both grew in confidence as the day went on.

Impressively, Northern Inland 12’s took out the Jets in the last game of the night, winning 5-3 and picking up their first points of the day.

NNSW Select Sap, made up of Football Far North Coast players and Emerging Jets’, were keen to make up for lost time, and won their first three matches convincingly in the 11’s, whilst the 12’s dropped their only points in a draw to North Coast.

However, the spotlight belongs to Metro squads. Emerging Jets 10’s capped off an impressive day with a dominating 11-0 win over North Coast 11’s.

They lead the table on 10 points, followed by NNSW Select SAP and NNSW Newcastle SAP on 9 points each.

In the 12’s, Hunter Valley and NNSW Select SAP are on 10 points each, though Select has a game in hand heading into Day 3 of the tournament.

The first game kicks off at 8:30am tomorrow, and the awards ceremony will conclude the 3 Day event with a scheduled start time of 6:35pm.

11 Years 

8:30am Macquarie 1 (R. Court 33′) def. NNSW Newcastle SAP 0

9:25am Emerging Jets 10 Years 3 (I. Preston-Poole 3′, S. Manning Lourey 18′, A. Nuncs 31′) def. Hunter Valley 0

10:20am NNSW Select SAP 5 (C. Hancock 12′, T. Baldwin 28′, 32′, H Walters 40′, M. Apostolidis 22′) def. North Coast 0

11:15am Northern Inland 3 (A. Chorley 13, A. Davis 27′, L. Johnson 32′) def. by Mid North Coast 4 (L. Alexpoulos 11′, R. Stevenson 17′, 20′, 35′)

12:10pm Hunter Valley 2 (H. Chalker 8, H Sherring 20′) def. North Coast 1 (H. Campbell 32′)

1:05pm NNSW Newcastle SAP 5 (C. Stevenson 5′, 20′, 28′, J. O’Brien 22′, k. Watkins 23′) def. Mid North Coast 1 (R. Stevenson 17′)

2:00pm Northern Inland 1 (I. Wilson 1′) def. by NNSW Select SAP 7 (C. Lamb 6′, 10′, H. Walters 18′, 21′ 38′, T. Murphy 26′, 31′)

2:55pm Emerging Jets 10 Years 8 (S. Manning-Laurey 3′, 11′ J. Hill 7′, 13′, 27′, L. West 19′, I. Preston-Poole 40′) def. Mid North Coast 1 (C. Page 18′)

3:50pm Macquarie 0 drew North Coast 0

4:45pm NNSW New SAP 0 def. by NNSW Select SAP 2 (C. Lamb 8′ & T. Baldwin 35′)

5:40pm Hunter Valley 2 (C. Daniels 28′ & Z. Lovell 32′) def.  Northern Inland 1 (I. Wilson 25′)

6:35pm Mid North Coast 2 (C. West 5′ & C. Page 40′) def. NNSW Select SAP 1 (M. Apostolidis 14′)

7:30pm North Coast v Emerging Jets 10’s

12 Years 

8:30am Macquarie 2 (B. Foster 22′ & (OG) R. Gawron 28′) def. NNSW New SAP 0

9:25am Emerging Jets 11 Years 1 (T. Hedley 7′) def. by Hunter Valley 2 (NA 8′, R. Stothard 38′)

10:20am Mid North Coast 2 (S. Logan-Pye 13′, N. Thick 38′) def. Northern Inland 1 (W. Doyle 36′)

11:15am North Coast 1 (J. Cameron 31′) drew NNSW Select SAP 1 (O. Ison 23′)

12:10pm Hunter Valley 3 (R. Stothard 9′, R. Fitzpatrick 11′, 21′) def. Northern Inland 1 (B. Jarrett 11′)

1:05pm NNSW Newcastle SAP (J. Graham 2′, 15′) 2 def. by NNSW Select SAP 4 (L. Fletcher 9′, N. Brown 27′, W. Hunter 39′, 40′)

2:00pm North Coast 1 (L. Taylor 15′) drew Mid North Coast 1 (S. Logan-Fye 5′)

2:55pm Emerging Jets 11 Years 1 (A. Muddle 3′) def. by NNSW Select SAP 3 L. Fletcher 8′, H. Addis 10′, O. Ison 37′)

3:50pm Macquarie 4 J. Callen 13′, N. King 32′, A. Ian 33′, 39′) def. Northern Inland 1 (B. Jarrett 6′)

4:45pm NNSW New SAP 2 (B. Allen 7′ & F. O’Mara 29′) drew Mid North Coast 2 (H. Lickley 20′ & H. Wilson 23′)

5:40pm Hunter Valley 1 (R. Fitzpatrick 37′) drew North Coast 1 (O. Correy 5′)

6:35pm NNSW Select SAP 3 (L. Fletcher 6′ & 7′ & W. Hunter 2′) def. Mid North Coast 1 (O. Pletinger 5′)

7:30pm Northern Inland v Emerging Jets 11’s


Day One – Friday 18th August


Official Points Tables Day One

Photos Day One

The Telstra State Championships for Boys kicked off at Speers Point today, with the four Metro squads playing two games each in cold windy conditions. They will be joined by the remaining country squads in the morning.

The Telstra State Championships provides SAP Metro and Country squads in the 11s and 12s divisions the opportunity to gauge their development against the best in the state. NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne was pleased with the standard of day one, and is looking for more of the same tomorrow “Tonight was obviously the four metro teams, it’s good to get the Championships started and we’re looking forward to seeing the Country boys in action tomorrow. We’ve had some very entertaining games so far and hopefully we’ll see the same tomorrow.”

“For the country zones we pick a squad of the U12 age group, so we’ll be looking at all the country zones to select that squad, but more importantly it’s a good opportunity to benchmark the U11 and U12 country boys against the metro boys.”

The Emerging Jets asserted their dominance early in the 12’s division, putting two unanswered goals past Newcastle SAP, followed by a narrow 2-1 win against Macquarie. Hunter Valley will be looking to continue their momentum in the morning, having bounced back from a 2-0 defeat to Macquarie to defeat NNSWF Newcastle SAP 5-2.

In the 11’s division, NNSW Newcastle SAP were the standouts, beating 10’s Emerging Jets 2-0 and Hunter Valley 1-o to sit atop of the table overnight.

11 Years 

5:00pm Hunter Valley 0 def. by Macquarie 2 (X. Toole 24′ & A.Maher 33′)

5:55pm Emerging Jets 10 Years 0 def. by NNSW Newcastle SAP 2 (R.Paterson 32′ & C.Stevenson 39′)

6:50pm Macquarie 2 (C. Fitchett 11’& M. Paterson 33′) drew Emerging Jets 10 Years 2 (M. Cooper 11′ & K. Schumacher 33′)

7:45pm NNSW Newcastle SAP 1 (D. O’Rourke 19′) def. Hunter Valley 0

12 Years 

5:00pm Hunter Valley 0 def. by Macquarie 2 (A. Tan 18′, B. Foster 26′)

5:55pm Emerging Jets 10 Years 2 (M.Brideson 10’& B.Harding 34′) def. NNSW Newcastle SAP 0

6:50pm Macquarie 1 (A. Tan 30′) def. by Emerging Jets 10 Years 2 (M. Brideson 34’& J. Rafty 40′)

7:45pm NNSW Newcastle SAP 2 (F. O’Mara 4′ & J. Scarpin 15′) def. by Hunter Valley 5 (B. Armstrong 10′, R.Fitzpatrick 16′ & 40′, H. Whatham 22′ & J. Matejczuk 28′)

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