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September 16th, 2017

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Official Points Table

Day Three

September 18

Wallsend Football Club (14 Years) and Football Mid North Coast (12 Years) Named 2017 Telstra State SAP Champions for Girls

Wallsend Football Club claimed the Telstra State SAP Champions title in the 14 Years with only going down in one match out of the tournament, whilst Football Mid North Coast was undefeated in the 12 Years.

Wallsend FC had been a standout across the three-day tournament in the 14 Years, netting 18 goals and never looking in doubt with only going down once in the final day of the championships 2-0 against Football Mid North Coast.

Striker Sophie MacDonald was lethal for Wallsend scoring 10 goals out of the seven games.

In the 12 Years, it was looking to be a tight contest between four of the teams, however, Football Mid North Coast held strong on the final day winning both of their final matches.

Mid North Coast had the best defense by far in the competition with not conceding any goals throughout the three days.

Northern NSW’s Head of the Technical Panel, Ryan Campbell, said Wallsend (in the 14s) and Mid North Coast (in the 12s) were clear standouts across the three days.

“Overall, both of the teams played extremely well as a team across the tournament and were clear standouts,” Campbell said.

“However, these championships are all about the opportunity for players test themselves against fellow Northern NSW players.”

“The Championships give Northern NSW’s Technical Panel a valuable opportunity to identify talented players who possess the ability to progress to the next level in their playing career,” Campbell concluded.

Wallsend FC 14 Years Winners

14 Years Champions, Wallsend FC


FMNC 12 Years Winners

12 Years Champions, Football Mid North Coast
12 Years:

9:25am North Coast 0 def. by Mid North Coast 3 (L. Amato 3′, J. Watts 26′, C. Norton 39′)

10:20am Hunter Valley 0 drew NNSW New SAP 0

11:15am Macquarie 0 drew Northern Inland 0

12:10pm North Coast 0 def. by NNSW Select SAP 5 (L. Tyler 3′, G. Denny 11′, C. Hill 29′ & 31′, A. Tomsella 38′)

1:05pm NNSW New SAP 0 def. by Mid North Coast 2

2:00pm Presentation of Medallions


14 Years:

8:30am Mid North Coast 2 (T. Schubert 18′, 37′) drew  North Coast 2 (E. Knott 6′, N. Atwal 32′)

9:25am Warners Bay 2 (M. Young 16′, S. Shannon 26′) def. NNSW Select SAP 0

10:20am Hunter Valley 0 drew Adamstown 0

11:15am Mid North Coast 2 (A. Morn 30′ & 35′) def. Wallsend 0

12:10pm NNSW Select SAP 0 drew Northern Inland 0

1:05pm North Coast 2 (E. Knott 9′, J. Welch 21′) def. Warners Bay 1 (F. Woodforth 37′)

2:00pm Presentation of Medallions


Day Two

September 17

Day 2 Official Points Table

There have been some standout performances across the 19 games displayed throughout Day 2 of the Telstra State SAP Championships for Girls.

Wallsend FC has emerged with an unassailable 5-point lead in the 14 Years Division whilst in the 12 Years it is a tight contest between Football Mid North Coast (12 points), Northern NSW Select SAP (10 points), Northern Inland Football (10 Points) and North Coast Football (9 points).

Northern NSW’s Head of the Technical Panel, Ryan Campbell, said that after a long tough second day of games for the girls he was pleased with how players and teams remained to play within the standards of the Skill Acquisition Program.

“Most teams have remained to be consistent with the four core skills of the Skill Acquisition Phase,” Campbell said.

“In the 12 years division, Mid North Coast has been a standout team in the competition with Northern Inland and the Northern NSW Select SAP squad following closely behind.”

“Within the 14 years there have been some good individual performances throughout the teams but in regards to team effort, Wallsend FC has been a standout so far.”

The final day of Championships sees the first game kicking off at 8:30 am tomorrow with the awards ceremony at 2 pm.


12 Years

9:25am Mid North Coast 4 (S. Grass 8′, J. Watts 14′, L. Amato 26′, A. Knight 40′) def. Hunter Valley 0

10:20am Northern Inland 4 (C. Cavalloro 10′ & 14′, E. Fraser 19′ & 21′) def. North Coast 0

11:15am Macquarie 1 (E. Hills 31′) def. NNSWF Newcastle SAP 0

12:10pm NNSWF Select SAP 3 (M. Viel 8′, R. Tansley-Beckerman 22′, A. Tomasella 33′) def. Hunter Valley 0

1:05pm Northern Inland 0 def. by  Mid North Coast 2 (L. Amato 9′, A. Knight 28′)

2:00pm NNSWF Newcastle SAP 0 def. North Coast 1 (T. Sambrook 25′)

2:55pm Macquarie 3 (T. Luliano 5′, E. Hills 7′, Z. White 39′) def. Hunter Valley 0

3:50pm Northern Inland 1 (E. Frost 14′) drew NNSWF Select SAP 1 (A. Tomasella 19′)

14 Years

8:30am Adamstown Rosebud JFC 1 (H. Moore 32′) def. Northern Inland 0

9:25am Wallsend FC 3 (L. James 26′, S. Macdonald 29′ & 39′) def. North Coast 1 (E. Knott 6′)

10:20am Hunter Valley 5 (M. Drake 7′ & 8′, E. Roberts 11′, L. Geddes 31′ & 38′) def. Warners Bay FC 0

11:15am NNSWF Select SAP 2 (A. Jones 23′, B. Black 27′) def. Mid North Coast 0

12:10pm Northern Inland 2 (E. Allen 2′, S. Wilkie 18′) drew Wallsend FC 2 (S. Macdonald 23′, A. White 28′)

1:05pm Warners Bay FC 1 (E. Kirby 39′) def. by Adamstown Rosebud JFC 2 (E. Hughes 3′, C. O’Connor 24′)

2:00pm Mid North Coast 0 drew Hunter Valley 0

2:55pm North Coast 0 def. by NNSWF Select SAP 1 (C. Keegan-Bull)

3:50pm Wallsend FC 2 (S. Macdonald 29′, A. White 35′) def. Adamstown Rosebud JFC 1 (M. Wild 39′)

4:45pm Mid North Coast 0 def. by Northern Inland 1 (M. Barbera 18′)

5:40pm NNSWF Select SAP 0 def. by Hunter Valley 1 (E. Roberts 28′)

Day One

September 16

Day One Official Points Table

The Telstra State SAP Championships for Girls kicked off today in Coffs Harbour with teams across the Northern NSW region participating in warm and sunny conditions.

The Telstra State Championships provides Skill Acquisition Program (SAP) squads in the 12s and 14s divisions the opportunity to measure their development against the best in the State.

Northern NSW’s Head of the Technical Panel, Ryan Campbell, said there is a lot of potential being displayed at the C.ex International Stadium.

“Over the day there were a lot of competitive matches with some good individual and team performances noticed throughout the day,” Campbell said.

“I am looking forward to seeing further development of the players and teams in the games tomorrow.”


12 Years

9:25am Mid North Coast 1  (L. Amato 10′) def. NNSW Select SAP 0

10:20am North Coast 1 (T. Caldicott 16′) def. Macquarie 0

11:15am Hunter Valley 0 def. by Northern Inland 1 (E. Fraser 10′)

12:10pm NNSW Select SAP 2 (A. Tomasella 34′, S. Lots 39′) def. NNSW New SAP 0

1:05pm Mid North Coast 5 (A. Knight 1′, 35′, 38′, S. Grass 20′, J. Watts 39′) def. Macquarie 0

2:00pm Hunter Valley 0 def. by North Coast 1 (T. Sambrook 29′)

2:55pm NNSW New SAP 0 def. by Northern Inland 1 (E. Fraser 4′)

3:50pm NNSW Select SAP 3 (R. Tansley-Beckerman 2′, A. Tomasella 13′ & 25′) def. Macquarie 0


14 Years

8:30am Northern Inland 1 (S. Wilkie 32′) def.  North Coast 0

9:25am Wallsend 4 (S. Macdonald 11′, 30′ & 34′) def. Hunter Valley 0

10:20am Warners Bay 0 drew Mid North Coast 0

11:15am Adamstown 0 drew NNSW Select SAP 0

12:10pm Hunter Valley 3 (M. Drake 7′, 13′, L. Young 37′) def. North Coast 1 (J. Welch 26′)

1:05pm Northern Inland 0 drew Warners Bay 0

2:00pm NNSW Select SAP 0 def. by Wallsend 4 (J. Platford 14′ & 18′, L. James 25′, S. Macdonald 30′)

2:55pm Adamstown 1 (J. Bownman 26′) def. Mid North Coast 0

3:50pm Northern Inland 1 (S. Wilkie 32′) def. Hunter Valley 0

4:45pm Wallsend 3 (S. MacDonald 10′ & 39′, J. Platford 30′) def. Warners Bay 2 (M. Baker 25′ , F. Woodforth 39′)

5:40pm North Coast 2 (C. Watson-Sinclair 8′, E. Knott 37′) def. Adamstown 1 (A. Ossington 6′)

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