National Youth Championships

national youth championships

The National Youth Championships are FFA’s primary national football competition for the 13 and 14 Years Boys, and 14 and 15 Years Girls. The competition will see teams from each of the State Federations of the FFA compete over five days, with the FFA National Youth Championships for Girls taking place in July and the FFA National Youth Championships for Boys in September.

Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) has hosted the Championships since 2006 working closely with Coffs Harbour City Council, their Sports Unit and the local community.

The 2015-19 NNSWF bid was supported by long-time partner, Coffs Harbour City Council and Sports Unit, along with Destination NSW, with both recognising the significance of the tournament as a catalyst for tourism and economic benefit in the Coffs Harbour region and wider NSW and the partnership facilitating a strong bid.

2018 Events

FFA National Youth Championships for Boys

Date: Monday 24th September  – Friday 28th September 2018

Venue: C.ex International Stadium, Stadium Drive, Coffs Harbour

2018 FFA NYC for Boys Draw

2018 Westfield National Youth Championships for Girls Results

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