FFA/AFC C Licence

FFA/AFC C Licence

Who’s it for?

Professional coaches and coaches working within a development or elite environment.

Youth C Licence – SAP coaches, NPL Youth 13 years, 9-13 development coaches.

Senior  C Licence– NPL Youth 14 years+ coaches, NPL 1st Grade assistant coach.

Time & Cost

Part 1: 3 days, $495

Part 2 Youth: 4 days, $660

Part 2 Senior: 4 days, $660

Available Courses

Proposed dates to be confirmed shortly

FFA/AFC C Licence, Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility, all days are 9:00am – 5:00pm


Day 1: Saturday 2 November*

Day 2: Saturday 9 November*

Day 3: Sunday 10 November*


Day 1: Saturday 16 November*

Day 2: Sunday 17 November*

Day 3: Saturday 23 November*

Day 4: Sunday 24 November*


Day 1: Saturday 30 November*

Day 2: Sunday 1 December*

Day 3: Saturday 7 December*

Day 4: Sunday 8 December*

Expression of interest form

  • Please fill out an expression of interest form if you are interested in attending a C-Licence course with NNSWF. We will contact as soon as course dates and times are confirmed.


How do I register for a C Licence course?

Register via the links above for either a C Licence Youth, C Licence Senior, or combined. Payment does not need to be completed upon registration, payment of $495 is required 8 weeks prior to the start of the course.

How much does a C Licence cost?

The total registration fee for a C Licence is $1,155.

(C Part 1) $495 + (C Youth or C Senior) $660 = $1,155. To complete the Youth and Senior C Licence is (C Part 1) $495 + (C Youth) $660 + (C Senior) $660 = $1,815

When does payment need to be made?

Payment for Part 1 and Part 2 can be made separately, generally 8 weeks prior to the start of that component.

How long does the course take?

C Licence Part 1 goes for three days from 9:00am – 5:00pm. The C Licence Youth goes for four days, and the C Licence Senior also goes for four days from 9:00am – 5:00pm.

There is a significant amount of pre course work to complete prior to attending each course which can be done gradually in the weeks leading up.

Post course coaches will need to complete a session plan, and film a training session to be sent in for assessment.

What happens if I can’t attend one of the days?

100% attendance is required, if there are unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from attending a particular day, you will have to attend that day on another course, either at LMRFF the following year, or on a course delivered by another member federation such as Football NSW.

Is there an assessment?

Coaches need to complete a workbook that is provided prior to and also during the course.

Coaches will need to complete the online laws of the game and print their certificate prior to the completion of the course. Laws of the game

Coaches will also need to submit a session plan and film one of their training sessions (Skill Training or Game Training component) for assessment. Coaches have 24 months to submit their video that is passed by the course instructor. It is preferable for coaches to submit their session as soon as possible to completing the on-course content (within 6 months)

Download the FFA SA Self Assessment Session Planner

Download the FFA GT Self Assessment Session Planner

What do I need to do prior to the course?

There is a Youth and Senior Workbook to be completed prior. With chapters relating to The Football Coaching Process book.

Participants will receive their workbooks 8-12 weeks prior to the start of a course if payment has been received. If you wish to receive a soft copy of the workbook prior please email coached@northernnswfootball.com.au

How long does my accreditation last?

C Licence accreditation is valid for a period of 4 years. However, coaches can extend this accreditation period by attending workshops where they receive points.

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