Flood Recovery Hub

The football family is coming together to assist flood impacted communities.

Here on the Flood Recovery Hub you will find:

Survey – Club’s Flood Damaged Football Assets

  • Football Australia, Northern NSW Football and Member Zones are collaborating on a survey of damage to club’s football assets.
  • Gathering this information allows Football Australia to present the Commonwealth government with a broad view of flood impacts across NSW and Queensland.

Financial Relief

Community football clubs are eligible for financial relief from several sources:


Northern NSW Football support


  • NNSWF is working closely with Football Australia and Football NSW to lobby government at all levels for support.
  • A coordinated approach provides focused lobbying to government decision makers that will maximise outcomes for clubs.


  • There are several grants and funding packages available to impacted clubs (see above)
  • NNSWF team members have worked directly with government on behalf of clubs to access some packages and will engage a grant writing specialist to assist clubs with other opportunities.


Fundraising portal

  • NNSWF has worked with the Australian Sports Foundation to build a fundraising portal for donations direct to football clubs.


Australian Sports Foundation

How to set up a GoFundMe

  • Clubs requiring support in fundraising efforts can view tips on setting up a GoFundMe page here.

GoFundMe template graphic

  • Clubs can download a template graphic here to promote their GoFundMe fundraising efforts across their social media channels.
  • Or use one provided by NNSWF here.

Mental Health

Community Initiatives

A range of community minded organisations are pulling together to help those in need.

NNSWF Community Football Contact