Grants & Funding


Northern NSW Football staff are happy to lend their support to activities by clubs and others looking to secure funding support to promote the game within Northern NSW.

A variety of funding sources are available and the resources within this section aim to assist clubs in identifying the most appropriate channels for their individual club needs.

For further information please contact Northern NSW Football’s Club Development Officer, Ross Hicks.

Football Facilities

Northern NSW Football and our Member Zones have a responsibility to work together to provide adequate spaces to play and meet the ongoing challenges of ensuring there are sufficient facilities to meet growing demand. That requires a robust strategy of maintaining quality playing fields, developing new playing surfaces, managing existing infrastructure and establishing new facilities such as change rooms and clubhouses for all footballers, particularly females who now make up almost a quarter of all players.

With that in mind Northern NSW Football in partnership with Football NSW have established a joint Football Facilities Unit.

The unit’s key goal is to improve the overall experience of identified stakeholders by building the sport’s capacity to secure funding for the specific purpose of improving football facilities and the accessibility of facilities throughout NSW through a strategic approach to government relations.

This Unit is to be the central point of contact for our sports with Government at all levels in addition to being a source of information and resources for Member Clubs to assist them through the process of facility enhancement and or development.

The Facilities Unit is attached to the Community Football arm of Northern NSW Football with the Unit being led by Ricardo Piccioni, Head of Communications, Facilities & Government Relations at Football NSW. Ricardo is supported by a newly appointed Facilities Development Coordinator in Jas Virdee with the position of Government & Stakeholder Relations Manager to be filled very soon rounding out the Units human resources.

Some indicative activities that the Facilities Unit that will be worked through over the next few season will be:

  • Delivery of a state-wide facilities audit
  • Development and maintenance of a comprehensive facilities database
  • Data analysis and preparation of reports supporting facilities investment
  • Development of government & stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Establishment of database of government & stakeholder contacts
  • Meetings with, and presentations to MPs, candidates, councillors, GMs, other stakeholders
  • Preparation of new, and updating of existing, facilities guides and case studies
  • Preparation of new and revised strategic reports
  • Organisation of annual Facilities Forums
  • Organisation of Regional Roadshows
  • Identification and distribution of all available funding sources for football members

The Facilities Unit has been very busy already working behind the scenes and has completed a number of key documents and resources for Government, Member Federations, Zones & Associations as well as Clubs can engage with.

Some examples of which are as follows:

  • The establishment of a dedicated Football Facilities website ( that provides a central point of reference for all stakeholders to access relevant news, facility guides, resources and information specific to football facilities
  • Produced a series of 8 initial Facilities Guides that provide guidance to football clubs, zones & associations and local councils regarding football facilities development projects. The Guides have been developed in order to provide stakeholders with quality, consistent information regarding the planning and development of football facilities. A key part of the Units ongoing work plan will be the continued development of additional guides. The 8 initial guides cover the following topics:
    • Building Development
    • Drainage & Irrigation
    • Field Marking & Equipment
    • Grass and Field Maintenance
    • Football Lighting
    • Project Management
    • Provider Procurement and management
    • Synthetic Fields
  • Established the first annual Facilities Forum which brought together key Football Facility suppliers, government and Football stakeholders to discuss the needs, challenges and potential solutions to ultimately increasing the quality and quantity of football facilities and improve the football experience for all participants
  • Provision of targeted communication and media releases with associated video content distributed to ALL State and Federal MPs in NSW, in the lead up to the Federal Election, telling the story of the need for investment in football facilities through the eyes of Banksia Tigers FC. (Example to follow this email)
  • Developed a specific strategy surrounding the Federal Election with the assistance of Football Federation Australia that aims to position Football as best we can to benefit from any funding promises locally or nationally.
  • Developed, published and distributed two key pieces of research:
    1. The Community Impact of Football in NSW – Economic, Health & Social:
    2. The Future Needs of Football in NSW: A Partnership Approach:

Northern NSW Football will continue to build on our strategy to deliver additional resources as we move along with the aim of increasing the number and quality of sustainable and vibrant football facilities into the future.

I encourage you all to familiarise yourself with the Facilities website and direct any questions you may have to either Peter Haynes, NNSWF Community Football Manager, Ricardo or Jas on the details below:

Ross Hicks: 02 4941 7200 or

Dan Ristic 1300 213 771 or

NSW Sport & Recreation

Financial assistance and grants are available to sport and recreation groups and individuals through a number of sources, including the Sport and Recreation Grant Program.

Please follow the link below to find out more information.