Grants & Funding

Northern NSW Football – Facilities Fund

Northern NSW Football’s Facilities Fund was established to provide funding assistance for its member football clubs to partner with local stakeholders to improve the quality, availability, accessibility and safety of their facilities.

The Program aims to improve football facilities for a variety of benefits including increasing participation, improving safety and security, assisting in building stronger communities through football and improving the overall football experience for all stakeholders.

Project partnerships are encouraged, and identification of all project partners is required (e.g. LGAs, State Government, schools, other sports, other landowners, local business partnerships).

Applicants need to provide a copy of landowner’s consent where the project will occur on land that is not owned by the Club.

A declaration from Council is required where there is a partnership with Council. This may include a letter of support, a letter outlining lease arrangements or support for favourable conditions for the Club.

Refer to the 2021 Facility Fund Guidelines for more information.  2021 Applications are now closed.

Northern NSW Football will continue to build on our strategy to deliver additional resources as we move along with the aim of increasing the number and quality of sustainable and vibrant football facilities into the future.

Ross Hicks: 02 4941 7200 or

NSW Infrastructure Strategy

A state-wide Infrastructure Strategy, designed to address the need for significant investment in facilities over the next 10 years, the

Better Facilities, Connected Communities was released in 2020 to address the need for significant investment in facilities over the next
10 years.

It aims to ensure existing venues can be used at full capacity, with inclusive facilities, through proper planning for future growth via partnerships with government at all levels and industry partners and provides important data which may assist in your applications for funding.

NSW Sport & Recreation

Financial assistance and grants are available to sport and recreation groups and individuals through a number of sources, including the Sport and Recreation Grant Program.

Please follow the link below to find out more information.