Talent Support Program

About the Talent Support Program

The Talent Support Program, or TSP, is a Football Australia initiative which provides opportunities for identified talented players to access extra training to help progress their football development.

The TSP also provides players with opportunities to represent Northern NSW Football at National Youth Championships and potentially transition from NPL and WPL to A-League and W-League academies.

Click HERE to access the 2021 TSP Information Guide.

Talent Support Program 2021 Cycle Two

Hunter Region under-12s Boys

Angus Filipcevic – Broadmeadow Magic
Angus Gray – Newcastle Olympic
Archie Wilson – Broadmeadow Magic
Ashton Baker – Edgeworth Eagles
Charlie Blair – Edgeworth Eagles
Chase McFadyen – Broadmeadow Magic
Cody Marshall – Edgeworth Eagles
Cody Turner – Valentine FC
Cooper Graham – Lake Macquarie City
Daniel Scafer – Maitland FC
Darcy Goodwin – Newcastle Olympic
Elijah Pye – Charlestown Azzurri
Harrison Williams – Lake Macquarie City
Harry Butcher – Newcastle Olympic
Hayden Cox – Newcastle Olympic
Isaac Flanagan – Lambton Jaffas
Jett Pacheco – Maitland FC
Julian Alterman – Broadmeadow Magic
Kai Thompson – Maitland FC
Kelly Ryan – Edgeworth Eagles FC
Levi Van Haren – Broadmeadow Magic
Lucas Shamley – Broadmeadow Magic
Manning Mury – Maitland FC
Max Toward – Lambton Jaffas
Nate Robson – Maitland FC
Oliver Bailey – Valentine FC
Oliver Bartrop – Newcastle Olympic
Thomas Cashion – Edgeworth Eagles FC
William Antcliff – Broadmeadow Magic
Zaac Courtman – Charlestown Azzurri

Hunter Region under-12s Girls

Amaya Shaw – Broadmeadow Magic
Ana Smurthwaite – Weston
Azarliah Grant – Charlestown Azzurri
Ceanna Frost – Maitland FC
Charlee Fahey – Broadmeadow Magic
Charley Cornwall – Broadmeadow Magic
Ella Hunter – Adamstown WPL
Hanna Abson – Adamstown WPL
Imogen Pettett – Newcastle Olympic
Julieanne Fox – Adamstown WPL
Layla Sharpe – Adamstown WPL
Lil Lewis – Broadmeadow Magic
Lilia Rae – Maitland FC
Macy Johnson – Broadmeadow Magic
Mia Jones – Broadmeadow Magic
Mikayla Standen – Newcastle Olympic
Peyton Scollay – Charlestown Azzurri
Sarah Wark – Newcastle Olympic
Sophie Johnson – Maitland FC
Tahlia Flett – Broadmeadow Magic
Tori Riley – Weston

Hunter Region under-13s Boys

Everett Bell – Maitland FC
Andre Zouein – Edgeworth Eagles
Kristian Majurovski – Broadmeadow Magic
Dash Baker – Maitland FC
Lucas Sutton – Lambton Jaffas
Callum Levey – Edgeworth Eagles
Caden Neill – Lake Macquarie City
Max Wettig – Broadmeadow Magic

Hunter Region under-13s Girls

Ava-Marie Carlson – Charlestown Azzurri
Chelsea Brown – Broadmeadow Magic
Emma McGovern – Charlestown Azzurri
Grace Cornwell – Broadmeadow Magic
Jade O’Brien – Weston (NPL)
Lacey Dobson – Valentine FC (NPL)
Mackenzie Preston-Poole – Newcastle Olympic
Makayla Clifton – Adamstown Rosebud
Olivia Oto – Newcastle Olympic
Rhiannon Hinchcliffe – Broadmeadow Magic
Summer Pollard – Charlestown Azzurri
Victoria Dugomanov – Broadmeadow Magic
Zara Shaw – Newcastle Olympic

Hunter Region under-14s Boys

Jake Goodwin – Newcastle Olympic
Lucas Johnson – Maitland FC
Oliver Steinerts – Newcastle Olympic
Riley Thompson – Edgeworth Eagles
Ruben Fuentes – Edgeworth Eagles
Tatenda Goora – Edgeworth Eagles
Tommy Butcher – Newcastle Olympic
Will Dobson – Weston
Will Harvey – Newcastle Olympic
William Walker – Maitland FC

Hunter Region under-14s Girls

Allia Whyte – Adamstown Rosebud
Ashleigh Vetter – Adamstown Rosebud
Claudia Pepper – Adamstown Rosebud
Darcie O’Connor – Adamstown Rosebud
Ella McDonald – Adamstown Rosebud
Georgia Quinton – Adamstown Rosebud
Jasmin Fisher – Adamstown Rosebud
Sophie Chandler – Adamstown Rosebud

Hunter Region under-15s Boys

Connor Halpin – Edgeworth Eagles
Ethan Prestwidge – Charlestown Azzuri
George Tsamouras – Newcastle Olympic
Jordan Gu – Valentine FC
Kynan Watkins – Maitland FC
Noah Hughes – Edgeworth Eagles
Noah Miller – Edgeworth Eagles
Pharrell Trainor – Valentine FC
Reinhard Lloyd – Lambton Jaffas
Seth Anderson – Newcastle Olympic

Hunter Region under-15s Girls

Amelie Hingston – Newcastle Olympic
Ava McCann – Newcastle Olympic
Danah Chapman – Newcastle Olympic
Isahbella Threlfo – Newcastle Olympic
Molly Salvador – Adamstown Rosebud
Olivia Weeks – Newcastle Olympic
Sadie Bridges – Adamstown Rosebud
Tori Johnson – Newcastle Olympic

Hunter Region Goalkeepers

Adam Taylor-Monzer – Edgeworth Eagles
Bowen Stubbs – Valentine FC
Caoimhe Bray – Adamstown Rosebud
Cayden Lobach – Kahibah FC
Charlie Palmer – Adamstown Rosebud
Cooper Bowden – Lake Macquarie City
Jack Mewett – Valentine FC
Jarrod Hogan – Edgeworth Eagles
Luke Allan – Edgeworth Eagles
Patrick Keating-Hewitt – Newcastle Olympic

Mid North Coast under-13s to 15s Boys

Ben Lynch – Mid Coast
Ben Webster – Mid Coast
Campbell Page – Mid Coast
Casey Orford – Mid Coast
Cooper West – Mid Coast
Danny Barratt – Mid Coast
Fred Morris – Mid Coast
Haine Eames – Mid Coast
Hudson Bell – Mid Coast
Liam Mercer – Mid Coast
Mia Bales – Mid Coast
Nait Boyan – Mid Coast
Ty McKibbin – Mid Coast
Zac Lovett – Mid Coast

Mid North Coast under-13s to 15s Girls

Aaris Hunter – Mid Coast
Asha Paff – Mid Coast
Claire Downie – Mid Coast
Emilee Franklin – Mid Coast
Jonnie Bree-Gore – Mid Coast
Jorja Holborow – Mid Coast
Larissa Ryan – Mid Coast
Sarah King – Mid Coast
Sophia Blomgren – Mid Coast
Zara Williams – Mid Coast
Zora Boskovski – Mid Coast (NPL)

Talent Support Program 2021 Cycle One

Northern Inland under-13s to 15s Boys

Achille Monet – NIAS
Sean Addis – NIAS
Ronaldo Bigone – NIAS
Bailey Brooke – NIAS
Jordan Byrne-Wise – NIAS
Kaleb Cook – NIAS
Liam Debreceny – NIAS
Hamish Dodson – NIAS
Charlie Hargraves – Weston FC (NPL under-15s)
Blake Patterson – NIAS
James White – NIAS

Northern Inland under-13s to 15s Girls

Jorja Roach – NIAS
Elizabeth Fraser – NIAS
Indiana Ramage – NIAS
Damikah Barwick-Taylor – Maitland (WPL under-15s/17s)
Lily Parsons – NIAS

North Coast under-13s to 15s Boys

Miller Harwood – North Coast Football
Kai Mukawa – North Coast Football
Riley Carniato – North Coast Football
Loki Marchant – North Coast Football
Jak Snowling – North Coast Football
Harrisen Hawkins – North Coast Football
Jack Lemair – North Coast Football

North Coast under-13s to 15s Girls

Georgia Silvy – North Coast Football (NPL)
Bo Bodnar – North Coast Football (NPL)
Alice Webster – North Coast Football (16’s NPL)

Far North Coast under-13s to 15s Boys

Squads to be named following selection trials late May 2021

Far North Coast under-13s to 15s Girls

Squads to be named following selection trials late May 2021