Talented Player Pathways

Talented Player Pathways

Northern NSW Football’s Strategic Plan identifies the importance of clear and consistent Talented Player Pathways (TPP) for males and females throughout Northern NSW. The amended TPP’s reflect the recent implementation of the National Premier Leagues, Skill Acquisition and Game Training Programs. The release of the second edition of the National Curriculum, Regional High Performance Programs and Women’s Premier League strategic plans have also shaped the amended pathways.

NNSWF has released a series of graphical representations of the various TPP’s to assist talented players and their parents to navigate their development. The following TPP’s cater for male, female, junior, youth and senior players throughout Northern NSW.

TPP Hunter Region Male
TPP Hunter Region Male Junior & Youth
TPP Hunter Region Female
TPP Regional Female
TPP Regional Male

The graphical representations aim to provide a clear, logical sequence of how male and female players can progress through the relevant talented player programs and representative teams in the Hunter and Regional areas of NNSW. The TPP’s also provide players who are not selected to set their “sights” on the next opportunity to be identified.