Kick-On for Women

Get outside and discover the basics of football (soccer) in a supportive and inclusive environment designed for women who just want to get out, get active and have fun!

No football or sport experience required!

An introductory football program, Kick-On for Women is designed specifically for women to fit into their busy lives whilst juggling their commitments of family, work and friends.

The idea was born from the demand for mothers, sisters and female spectators wanting to be involved in the sport, however desired a format that welcomed their inexperience, less active lifestyle and limited time availability.

With a commitment of just 45-minutes a week, after general office hours, the program has a strong focus on fun, inclusion and friendship, is run by accredited facilitators and provides participants the opportunity to spend time focusing on their own fitness and well-being in a judgement-free environment.

Kick-On for Women aims to encourage women to become active, energised and connected.

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Give someone you love the opportunity to make time for them self, to have fun, become active and be social.


> 45-minute sessions 
> Weekly for 8 weeks 
> Delivered by accredited facilitators 
> 25 minutes of fun skill-based games and 20 minutes of a small-sided games 

This program is for women who are: 
> Aged 16 years and over 
> Non-active or less active and time poor 
> New to football or team sport 
> Seeking a social fitness environment 


Start Date: 25 July 2022
End Date:
12 September 2022
Number of Weeks:
8 weeks
Format: 45-minute sessions



Can’t see a hub near you? Let us know where you are so we can keep you posted about nearby locations HERE.



Day: Monday
Start Date: 2 May 2022
End Date: 27 June 2022
 Time: 6:15pm – 7pm
Venue: Bolwarra Sporting Complex
Cost: $20
Run by: Bolwarra Lorn JSC


Nelson Bay

Day: Wednesday
Start Date: 27 July 2022
End Date: 14 September 2022
Time: 6pm – 6:45pm
Cost: $60 new players, $50 returning players
Tomaree Sports Complex
Run by: Nelson Bay FC



Day: Monday
Start Date: 18 July 2022
End Date: 5 September 2022
Time: 7:15pm – 8pm
Cost: $80 new players, $20 returning players
Stevenson Park, Mayfield
Run by: Mayfield United JSFC


Garden Suburb

Day: Monday
Start Date: 25 July 2022
End Date:
12 September 2022
Cost: $90
Lance York Oval, Garden Suburb
Run By: Garden Suburb FC



Day: Wednesday
Start Date: 27 July 2022
End Date: 14 September 2022
Time: 6:15pm – 7pm
Cost: $90
Federal Park, Wallsend
Run by: Fletcher FC



Day: Wednesday
Start Date: 27 July 2022
End Date: 14 September 2022
Time: 6:00pm – 6:45pm
Cost: $20
Toormina Oval, Sawtell 
Run by: Sawtell FC



Due to the growing demand from our Kick-On participants to play more small sided games, you can know register to play Football FIVE5 Kick-On for Women Social Leagues at Speers Point. It’s the same fun atmosphere, especially for women and you can still register as an individual. One weeknight available. Click here for more information.


Day: Monday
Start Date: 25 July 2022
End Date: 12 September 2022
Time: 6pm arrival for 6:10pm – 7pm game
Cost: $90
Venue: Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility
Run by: Northern NSW Football




Interested in Kick-On for Women but not sure if it’s for you? Come along, meet our community and get a taste of the program at one of these locations FREE

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What is Kick-On for Women

Kick-On for Women is an introductory football (soccer) program offering a more social and accessible version of football specifically modified for inactive women over the age of 16.

It is low-impact, football-based program providing physical and mental health benefits, social connectedness, alongside promotion of the benefits of engaging in team sport.

The program provides 45-minute sessions focusing on fun, football and friendship.

The participants discover  and learn the basic competencies in a relaxed, non-competitive setting.

Benefits of Kick-On for Women
  • Physical & mental health benefits;
  • Non-competitive activities to improve confidence and self-esteem;
  • Experience and learn the football basics

Check out the Kick-on for Women FAQs or for further enquiries, please contact


What to wear/bring
  • Participants can wear either joggers/sandshoes or football boots
  • Participants must wear shin pads
  • Participants are encouraged to wear clothing that is comfortable
  • Participants can wear tights, shorts, trackpants etc.
  • Drink bottle
Are you a 'Beginner' or 'Intermediate' level participant?

Some clubs/hubs may ask you to identify if you are a “Beginner” or Intermediate” when registering. This is simply to aid our facilitators to cater for participants at their hub and ensure you have the best experience. There is no hard and fast rules about which registration option you choose. We also suggest you share your expectations with your hub facilitator/coordinator throughout the program.

When making your selection consider the following:

> Beginner -Non-footballer/low level of fitness/social aspect/easy going
> Intermediate – May have previously played football/mod-high level of fitness/seeking higher intensity activity/considering other football formats

Northern NSW Football Management

Northern NSW Football is responsible for the overall management and operation of the program, including:

  • Source and organise facility (NNSWF delivered hub locations only);
  • Source and organise appropriately qualified Coordinators & Facilitators (NNSWF delivered hubs only);
  • Deliver Coordinator & Facilitator Induction Training and ensure requirements have been met;
  • Management of registration system on (NNSWF delivered hubs only);
  • Manage the operational aspects of the program, including ordering/supplying equipment;
  • Adhere to state-based Child Protection Legislation;
  • Work with the local Hub and Club Coordinators to manage all program enquiries, and
  • Liaise with and support clubs delivering sanctioned activities.
Hub Coordinator

Each Kick-On for Women hub has as a dedicated Hub Coordinator. These Hub Coordinators are the point of contact for participants and are there to ensure all sessions are delivered in a fun, friendly and safe manner.

It is the responsibility of the Coordinator to set the tone and attitude from the program. They understand the barriers for women in sport and the demands of family/work life; they are flexible, encouraging and engaging; they are a great communicator; have a good sense of humour; and have a heart from people.

We recommend moving away from a “traditional coach” as the environment being created is fun and social, with less focus on technical play.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Creating an environment that is consistent with core principles of Kick-On for Women (friendship, energising, connection, wellbeing, fun, belonging, encouraging, football)
  • Demonstrate clear communication and positive engagement with participants and facilitators
  • Manage Facilitators and participants
  • Deliver an effective session as outlined in the session plan provided by NNSWF
  • Ensure instructions are clear and appropriate education of exercises/skills/games provided
  • Engage participants in the session’s activities
  • Implement (Federation’s) wet weather and heat plan for hub;
  • Complete Safety Check/Report safety issues/incidents/accidents
  • Set up/pack down of venue & program/Unlock & lock amenities/Manage equipment
  • Provide attendance reports & session feedback
  • Promote completion of evaluations and feedback surveys by participants
  • Engage with major Stakeholders including Schools, Member Zones, Member Clubs, local councils and women’s services as necessary Hub Coordinators are all accredited.
Facilitator (Coach)

Our Facilitators are responsible for delivering fun football based sessions to enable women to get active.

Their key areas of responsibility are:

  • Responsible for up to 16 participants (For small hubs, the Coordinator will be the Facilitator)
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to session/ prepared for session
  • Ensure a positive and safe environment for participants
  • Deliver an effective session as outlined in the session plan provided by NNSWF
  • Ensure instructions are clear and appropriate education of exercises/skills/games provided
  • Encourage open communication between participants, facilitators and coordinator
  • Engage participants in the session’s activities
  • Develop an environment that is supportive, non-judgmental and encouraging
  • Assist coordinator with pack down

If you’re interested in becoming a Hub Coordinator or Facilitator at one of the multiple locations across Northern NSW, contact

Kick-on for Women Session Plan

Each week the Coordinator and Facilitators will run their sessions based on the Kick-On for Women Program Manual provided by Northern NSW Football. The session plans have been developed to ensure the participant gets the most benefit out of every session, enabling them to gain confidence while learning new skills and having fun!

It should be noted that Kick-On for Women program is an introductory program and as such, is not “results driven”. The program is based on a fun game, like practices, to encourage participation and enjoyment of getting active through football.


Check out the Kick-on for Women FAQs or for further enquiries, please contact



For more information about the Kick-On for Women program, please contact or 4941 7200