Newcastle Permanent

Newcastle Permanent

The Newcastle Permanent Building Society is the Major Partner of Community Football across Northern NSW.

As a customer-owned banking organisation, Newcastle Permanent is committed to supporting local communities across Northern NSW by investing in programs and initiatives that help families lead healthy, active and happy lives.

Newcastle Permanent and Northern NSW Football have enjoyed a decade long partnership that is focused on promoting community football as an inclusive, accessible and enjoyable sport for people of all ages, genders and skill levels. Together, we are also committed to recognising the important contributions made by volunteers, coaches, clubs, referees and match officials.

Newcastle Permanent’s investment in community football has delivered the following benefits:

– Free footballs for 9,000 entry level players each year

– Stabilisation of player registration fees

– Access to free coaching resources and accreditation programs for grassroots football coaches

– Equipment and signage for clubs

–  Monthly Community Football Recognition Program to acknowledge the significant contributions made by clubs, coaches, volunteers and match officials

Newcastle Permanent is financially the strongest customer-owned banking institution in Australia, and can deliver better outcomes for customers and the community because it does not have shareholders.

*In terms of net asset.