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25 September – NNSWF Football4All Gala Day 3 – All ages (Speers Point)

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For enquiries, please contact the NNSWF MiniRoos team at

Additional Information for NNSWF Gala Days
  • Held at the Lake Macquarie Regional Football Facility, Speers Point on the Football FIVE5 pitches.
  • A team coach will need to register their team’s attendance once their team arrives at the facility, and can then make their way to the field.
  • Age categories are divided into under 6,7,8,9, 10 and 11’s with each team playing a minimum of three games. Depending on teams, ages groups will be split on experience (New teams and experienced teams).
  • All matches will start and finish via the same signal with an air horn, additional information given to players, coaches and spectators given over facility P.A.
  • Matches are 20 minutes in length and will consist of two halves of 10 minutes, with a 5 minute half time break.
  • Match referees will be provided by NNSWF for U8, 9, 10 and 11 games, game leaders are used for U6 & 7.
  • Players are to wear full playing kit including football boots/joggers and shin pads (Compulsory)
  • Playing numbers for under 6-7 is (5v5) with no goalkeeper.
  • Playing numbers for under 8-9 is (5v5) including a goalkeeper.
  • Playing numbers for under 10-11 is (5v5) including a goalkeeper.
  • Football FIVE5 rules apply (the ball stays in and rebounds off the side walls)
  • Goalkeepers can leave the goal mouth (semi-circle area) and can roll or throw the ball out of their hands, or kick the ball from the ground (not out of their hands)
  • Outfield players are allowed in the goal mouth (semi-circle area).
  • Clubs can bring players that are registered with their club, in that particular age group.
  • Sidelines Café will be open through the day for players and parents to access.
  • Marque tents, shade structures and chairs can be brought into the venue, Grandstand seating is also available surrounding the fields.