MiniRoos is not a program, instead, it is a modified version of the adult game designed especially for children, who have very different developmental characteristics and social needs from adults. The philosophy of MiniRoos is on enjoyment and freedom of expression, through playing the game, with limited emphasis on coaching per se. It is all about the children!

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Playing MiniRoos is fun, healthy, safe and value for money for your daughter or son and here’s why!

Accessibility for all, as it is truly aimed at children of all abilities, not simply the most talented.
With the removal of the emphasis on winning, children are much more likely to enjoy their football experience
More fun and enjoyment, due to smaller fields and simplified rules
More playing time, which maximises individual participation and involvement
Far more repeated touches of the ball by ALL players on the field
More shots on goal, and
More involvement leads to greater improvements in fitness

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