Football Practices

The below Football Practises are designed for players aged 5-13 and are aimed at helping Community Coaches plan their sessions, and making the football experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Choose your core skill focus below


First Touch

Running with the Ball

Striking the Ball

Session Planning Tips

A training session for these age groups should consist of 3 components: The Beginning, The Middle and The End.

1. Beginning

The purpose of The Beginning (better known as the warm-up) is to introduce the skill focus of the session, get kids in the right frame of mind for the upcoming practices and activate their bodies. It’s unnecessary to run laps around the field to achieve a warm up.

Start simple and get the kids involved in football activities quickly.

2. Middle

The Middle practise builds on the Beginning practise by adding progression which now becomes more challenging. Lots of repetition in game realistic scenarios (running with the ball under pressure) Task based coaching.

3. End

The last part of the session is allocated for playing various small-sided games organised in a way that the designated core skill is used regularly.
The players play, the coach observes if learning has taken place.

Session Tips

  • Arrive early to set up the area before the session starts.
  • Demonstrate quickly & give clear, short instructions.
  • Get it started quickly! (1-2 minutes) Don’t over explain and lose their attention.
  • Keep the players active and engaged, avoid having kids standing around.
  • Keep changing aspects of the game to keep the kids interested and challenged.
  • Be enthusiastic and kids lots of praise.
  • Use of questioning (So what could you do..?) to give kids ownership of learning, rather than tell them what to do.
  • Have fun (both the kids and you)
  • Have a Plan B. Have more practises than you need so you can quickly go to one if the kids aren’t engaged in the ones you already had planned.

Players learn football by playing football. A good aim for a Community Coach is to give your players 100-200 touches of the ball during each and every session.