Become a Referee



To become a referee, you must be 13 years of age or over and you will need to complete the FA Online Laws of the Game Course and complete the Level 4 Referee Course.

The FA Online Laws of the Game Course provides a basic introduction to the Laws of the Game and their interpretation. To successfully complete the course, a participant needs to pass the online examination and print their Statement of Completion Certificate.

The Level 4 Referee Course provides participants with education and training to become a referee. It can be undertaken in a classroom environment as a one day course consisting of theory modules and practical sessions on a pitch to enable referees to begin officiating.

Obtaining Your Referee Accreditation

1) Complete the FA Online Laws of the Game Course and obtain your Statement of Completion Certificate.
2) Register for and attend a Level 4 Referee Course.
3) Register on Play Football as a referee with NNSWF or one of its member zones.
4) Referee your first game on the field or run your first line as an assistant referee.